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For No Reason


There’s an empty city that reminds me of Burbank. Picture that little city, empty if you can. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a thousand people appear on the streets, at the crosswalk. They’re all dressed the same, in black suits with white shirts and black ties on. The light changes and they start walking towards one another, and somehow you and I are caught in the middle of it all. We don’t know how we got here, but we are the only ones wearing different colors. We walk the same way with no idea as to why, but we keep walking, and no one else looks over to us because they’re similar to robots.

Sometimes I walk around this city feeling that way, as if everyone around me are robots that are programmed to act alive whenever I am awake. I think that somehow, when I get home and fall asleep, they all shut off. I put my headphones on and walk through the city and can almost calculate what everyone else is going to do because nothing is original. Truck driver honks his horn, cyclist flicks off a cabbie that pulled over to let a passenger off in the bike lane, crackhead is begging for money and picking tourists pockets, Fed Ex driver is waiting for a signature at the door. They say that nothing is ever the same, but is it really never the same?

Days go by and hours feel like seconds. The sun rises and the sun sets and sometimes it all feels so rehearsed, as if I have lived this fantasy a thousand times before. I sometimes think that love is the same way. Is it a coincidence that whenever we fall in love we feel like we’ve known the other person for more than an eternity? Maybe we do, right?

The game is to find out what you are doing here, but very rarely are we told that we have a say in deciding that, at any given point in our lifetimes. Why are you here? Do you know?

Life is too short to dance with people that you don’t want to have a dance with. It’s too short to kiss frogs in hopes that one might turn into the princess or prince of your dreams. It is too short to fight and too short to thrive off of the negative. It’s too short for drama and not long enough for true change.

Just thinking out loud on a Saturday…

Nobody Knows

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.41.26 AM

It’s Friday and the sky is blue, the butterflies are fluttering, the birds are singing and life is bliss. It’s the tail end of May and everyone is feeling that jolt of energy from the excitement of a long awaited summer that’s about to hit. So Misun’s newest release “Nobody Knows” is the perfect soundtrack to an already great morning because of its strolling sound.

what do we care if they always fuck with us
they want us to break but who cares they don’t know us.”

The song is about the inner workings of a relationship between two people, and how the world, filled with its assumptions and theories about that relationship, attempts to affect it, negatively.

When we first met she was introduced to me by a third party whom at first seemed genuinely happy for us. After some time, that third party yearned for the kind of loving and passionate relationship that we had, and, because she did not have it at the time she tried to sabotage ours. That negative energy touched us daily in some form, whether it was directly from said third party, or, indirectly through someone else we all knew in common. Rumors began spreading like wildfire and doubt mixed with fear soon overtook the spaces full of positive energy, filling them slowly with negative ones.

We eventually began to fight back and regain that fairytale-like love, and we would go on for another few years living in our own world without anyone else surrounding us, and it was beautiful. Darkness came in the form of forces beyond this Earth and beyond our control, so that love got lost somewhere in that black hole, but what I learned is that—nobody knows.

For anyone going through a relationship where it seems that everyone else has something to say about it, and where you are at the point where you are over these people and their opinions, and feel like telling them to fuck off, I have some simple advice for you helped by Misun’s tune here. Nobody ever knows what goes on in our relationships. They don’t see the way someone’s smile makes our hearts race, and they can’t see how someone’s touch can make our blood burn with love and passion. Others are incapable of understanding the whispers that are blown into our ears, and they are incapable of seeing what two souls dancing together looks like, because who here is capable of seeing anyone else’s soul anyway, right?

My point is simple, live your life with whomever makes you happy. Perfection eludes us all, so just make sure that what you are feeling is love and being loved. Forget what anyone else has to say about you and your lover, and just live in a world where only you and them exist. If you don’t like what anyone has to say, then cut yourself off from that person because the truth is that we don’t have to pick up anyone’s phone calls, answer text message and emails, and we don’t owe anyone else any of our precious time if they do not know how to appreciate and value it.

What is love if you’re caught in between it?”

Brandyn Burnette — Stand Down


The world happens in cycles. What once was will become again, and what occurs now once was.

new age
red in the eyes
life in gangsters paradise
I walk
right through that fire
feel so cold but so alive”

In the 60’s the entire world was going through a revolutionary state of mind led by the youth. Demonstrations everywhere and protests by students reeked havoc on the order of government systems. Globally, the world was feeling the oppression of inequality, but no one could explain why. They just knew that the middle classes were suffering more than usual, so things weren’t as great as they had once been. I’m not talking about one or two towns in Europe or Mexico, I’m talking about the entire planet. The decolonization of Africa, the Civil Rights Movement in America, and the the youth movements in all of Europe. Go ahead and research it for yourself.

Today, the box offices in America are at their worst condition in more than a decade, and that’s with the prices of tickets at higher levels, meaning that it worse than what they are analyzing it to be. The Middle Class just does not have the extra money to spend on mediocre films that are remakes of remakes. Today, in NYC, homeless rates are at their highest levels since The Great Depression, but why?

The American Middle Class is feeling the pinch of a world they once thought was fruitful and full of hope. It was a world where one could become part of the 1% by simply working hard. It is a world where this is not the reality today. A world full of nepotism and rich cheaters and scammers squeezing every last penny out of the American Middle Class, that is the only truth. A world where the soccer games, horse races and stock offerings are rigged to benefit those at the top and only make it seem as if those at the bottom have lost because of their own vices.

Why should this matter to you? Maybe because you want the world to return to a place where anything is possible, if not for yourselves, then at least for your children and grandkids.

The true destiny of mankind is freedom.”

No Need To Speed

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.42.49 PM

My friends and I party quietly. We live life on the fast lane because that is the only way to truly live it, but we never speed on that lane. We stay in-the-moment at all times, so if you’re not with us while we are partying then you go forgotten because ‘who has time to think about people that aren’t in-the-moment while we’re having the times of our lives?’

This weekend was another one of those weekends where we found ourselves doing fresh shit with some of the coolest people on earth, the only difference is that you won’t see what we do on snapchat or the gram, and you won’t hear about it on twitter; you will simply know if you were there. Like I said, life should definitely be lived on-the-move, but never speeding.

CAPPA‘s single “Killin’ It” remixed by Eau Claire is similar in that same way. It’s a summer ready record that goes straight to GO! as soon as you hit play, but it never speeds because it simply never needs to. It’s a fun, chill, sexy and vibrant remix that has found the perfection in balance all around. Between the vocals and harmonies in the background to the fast paced bottom, Eau Claire has done it again, bringing us music that is all too perfect on the eardrums to find absolutely anything wrong with it, and to not love.

Life is best when savored rather than devoured. It is best sipped than chugged, and it is at its most beautiful point when it is watched from a consistent pace rather than one filled with erratic highs and lows.

I Don’t Recognize You

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 1.36.08 PM

I like the girls on Instagram who don’t have large followings, but are as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than any of the supermodels of the world. I dig the songs on soundcloud that have very little plays, but sound just as big as the hugest hits on radio today. I love the little league teams with the worst records that make it to the championship out of nowhere. And, I love the nerdy shy boy story that ends up marrying the beautiful cheerleader that everyone else wanted.

Brunching in the West Village, just about an hour ago, I sat there and stared at the world happening around me from a distance. As I sat at the bar, in Agave, and watched people that clearly dislike one another take photos for the gram, couples with nothing to say to one another sit on their smartphones the entire time thru, and insecure people with no purpose, shamelessly judging others by what they were wearing, I realized what a weird society we live in. It was then that I decided that engulfing myself in music and living the life of a hermit doesn’t sound so bad since music can’t bore you unless you pay it no mind, and it can’t judge you unless it is talking to you directly, and it can’t dislike you unless to annoy you purposely.

There was something calm and cool about Calan Mai’s tune here, titled “Black Box”. I’m unsure if it was the vocals or the acoustic feel that reeled me in, or maybe the combination of both. Maybe it was something so simple and minimalist about it all that dragged me into it from a world around me that is so busily complex it almost makes itself sick on a daily basis.

Sometimes I wonder where our society went wrong and lost all of its marbles. I try to figure out at which point we stopped caring for the world and only caring for the one directly involved with us. I wonder if Hollywood and the pursuit of fame and grandeur in America took precedence over a world where nobody starves and everyone is happy. Then I remember that this is a society full of fools who never knew better than the fools that taught them. A society where the only progress that matters is in the gym and on your body, rather than for the world and in your brilliant mind.

I walked away from that “happening” brunch spot and into a small coffee shop in The Village to take in an empty Memorial Day Weekend NYC. Somewhere inside, this song makes me wish that NYC were always this quiet and calm because there is nothing like it when it is. It is through this same quiet and calm that I come to see that the NYC that I grew up and once adored is still here, but only the energy that fills it is what can make it toxic. Basically, the locusts and virus that is mankind can ruin even the most profound places, but at the heart of it all, they still exist as you once remembered them, even if they are completely unrecognizable. But, it is only when we can’t recognize something that we love anymore, that we end up appreciating it more than ever.

Letter To The Unborn

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 3.12.13 PM

You should never be afraid to push the boundaries that have been set for you by men and women with lesser knowledge of the world than you. You should never be afraid to challenge tradition and spit in the face of invisible oppressors who hide beneath their laws-for-purchase. Whether you live a long and calm life or a short and rebellious one, you should always question the things that don’t feel right and never be scared of defending any logic that derives from love.

The world is full of bullshit and people selling their bullshit, but don’t feel that you can’t call them out on their bullshit because you absolutely need to.

Today is my Fuck It Friday, so I’m going to keep venting, and if you feel like turning me off then just hit play on Teen Talk‘s latest smash “Alter Echoes” because it’s just so fucking good. There’s a militant vibe to it that I love which I guess inspired my ranting; the composition, sounds, vocals and overall production are fabulous. Quirky space age sounds, a smooth pace in tempo and a poltergeist-like feel give this electronic tune a space of its own in a genre that is flooded with way too many clones.

You should never be afraid to fight, even if that fight is against those hired to uphold laws, because fighting for what you believe in is better than living in the shadows of someone else’s world who has no clue what they are doing, and who doesn’t love the world back the way that we do.

At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.” —Che

Memorial Day Weekend Mix

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 6.37.30 PM

Pool parties, barbecues, bonfires on the beach, bikinis in the sand, oysters on the bay, or just straight raging for three to four days, Memorial Day Weekend is upon us.

Regardless of where you will be, whether in the Hamptons or Montauk, Malibu or Santa Monica, this mix is to be played right before you are ready to rage, and just a bit after you are fully awake. It’s a bit of a sunshine state of mind with a progressive tempo that won’t leave you wanting to attack a dance floor, but will keep you going just enough to last the entire weekend straight through.

When we tend to take things too far, it’s normally because we want a super dope moment to last forever. We think that by going harder at whatever it is we were doing to get us there, we will be able to ride the wave that we just got on for as long as we are ready to keep it going. But, waves don’t work that way. Waves tend to break whenever they come upon the shoreline, right at the moment when they are ready to lay a cold wet one on the sands. It is only when we are strong enough to get ourselves back up and out onto those breaks again that we happen to find better moments and better waves at every other bend.

Without our abilities to get back up and out there onto those waves, well then we are capable of missing moments that ultimately could have rocked and ruled much more than the ones we just finished experiencing. For this reason is that I say to you: Don’t fight the waves, just ride them, provide them when you can, and enjoy every second you get to rock with them. 

This weekend is about letting loose for some of us, but more importantly, it should also serve as a reminder that nearly half of the year has gone by, and that life will not stop for any of us no matter what. It should be the kind of weekend where you check all of your inhibitions at the gate and do the things that you never allow yourself to do, forgetting the very insecurities that constantly keep you simply running in place.

It should, at the very, very least, be a weekend where you push your limits and boundaries with the awareness that keeping a little extra reserve inside of you will allow you room for seeing it the entire way through.

You’ve Got A Woman

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 11.48.12 AM

I’ve come to learn that true love is more about patience and understanding than lust and passion. I’ve learned that this is all because true love develops naturally over time and comes with the appreciation of someone else over those fast-paced almost desperate flings that we run across when we are drowning for love, as if gasping for the last few breaths of air to save our own lives. It is only when we take our time with love that we get to see the imperfections of it, and it is only when we realize that these loves are full of beautiful imperfections that we get to understand and appreciate the reality from the fantasies we’ve conjured up.

Throughout this life I have fallen deeply in love time after time again, only to see pain face-to-face at the end of each ride. Mostly, these episodes with pain have come to me by my own hand. Let me explain.

“Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I’m yours forever.”

Boy sees girl and immediately falls in love with some aspect of her. It could be her smile, it could be the way she’s slowly dancing, all by herself, in the middle of Central Park as the Philharmonic plays on a starry summer night; something about her captures his mind and unravels his senses. Before he knows it he has lived several lifetimes with this girl, and once they do connect he has lived several more. The problem usually comes when he finds out that these scenarios he dreamt up will never come to fruition, and that simply living-in-the-moment would have done him a world of good.

It takes time to understand a human being. It takes time to get to know them, what they are capable of, and, if you can make a deeper connection than lust. The reward with all of the mistakes I have made in love is finding the woman that will always be as much by my side as I will be by hers. It is that kind of woman who can lift you up and help in fulfilling your dreams, and it is only that kind of woman that can never be replaced.

Never call a woman your “muse” if the first thing you do when she leaves you is replace her.” —e.r.f.

Retro sounds from the grooviest era batched into a reggae overtone are it, and this Lion tune has got it all going on for a delectable midweek humpday-chill vibe. It’s a mellow, swaggy and soothing production that somehow got lost in time and has rarely been enjoyed, so go ahead and enjoy. 

Le Struggle


There’s a personal battle within me that drives me insane on a daily basis. It’s the adrenaline rush of whatever I think could happen if I go outside rather than what I know will be if I just stay in at home and chill. Some part of me desires to be a good human being to those that love me, and so that part of me sits like the angel on my shoulder whispering for me to stay calm and just sleep. It’s the little devil on my shoulder that yells at me all day, reminding me that me just staying at home, knowing what’s going to take place if I do, is me being a hypocrite to my very own mantra of living-in-the-moment.

Living-In-The-Moment is the idea that there is a high probability that tomorrow may never come, so we take every opportunity that we get to seize-the-now. It is through that way of life that I have had the best moments of my life occur, and how the best memories from my life have come to be. On Sunny days, that little devil that thrives when I do seize my days pokes his pitchfork at me profoundly, and that is exactly when I find myself in moments like these; do I get out and seize the day, today? or, do I stay in and let the day seize me?

“Mad About The Boy” by AZAKEL is a taste of a day seized in a moment where a decision had to be made. It’s the point where you’re sitting in front of the mirror about to throw on your sneakers and decided to say “fuck it, let’s go”. This is what the vibe and delivery of this Space Age R&B tune deliver. A highly seductive progressively mid-tempo-ed song that somehow makes you want to get out of your chair and go out there to chase the seductions of that world sitting just outside your door, where anything that could happen, will.

There’s no tryin’ to fight it.
Come on bae just let it flow.”

As much as I want to sit here and let the day takeover, I just can’t. Something inside of me has to chase whatever is out there calling me, even if it’s only a tiny little sip of something that I have never yet had.

The Future of the Space Age


My sister just graduated from law school. I love her beyond anything I could say and I’m proud but the truth is that accomplishment is just a reflection of the person she’s become, and that is what I’m most proud about.

We grew up in 3333 Broadway, a project in uptown Manhattan that’s now being converted into condominiums. My dad left us in the Dominican Republic when we were little to create these opportunities for us and that tough, hard as nails, cold as the pole in winter son of a gun did it. We’ve always been Gods so I can’t say we never had anything but in context of the human drama the term from nothin’ to somethin’ most certainly applies. We’re just getting started man.

I’ve been reflecting on where I am in life right now. I’m so damn busy man, I mean to the point that if I slack for a second in the day I’m sacrificing accomplishing something. That says more about the Matrix than me but it’s making me think about where I should be. Since starting EMPT and becoming a curator of culture and music my earnings have gone up to the 5 zero range and that bothers me. As a man I can’t blame that on anyone but myself and the truth is I’ve slacked.

My friends and I have been at the forefront of cultural movements for probably a decade now but haven’t figured out how to really translate that to the proper energy. We should be making 20 million dollars a year, contributing, sharing, helping and designing at a much higher level. However, we haven’t cracked the code that marries authenticity, spirituality, art and commerce yet. As I learn about how people really make big money in this world I’m a little turned off, it’s nothing short of ingenious slavery. You think Apple has an impressive vertical? Some of these industries have God like automation and integration, they’ll be milking us for our money till the day we die. Those are the trillionaires of the world you’ve never heard of.

I first had to understand that, now that I do, it’s time to create something like that from the rebel point of view. It’s time for the good guys to create that God level automation. It’s time to create something that powerful that can counter these bloodsuckers. That’s the future of the Space Age.

The take over ni$&@, the breaks over ni*%@.