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SNBRN (feat. Holly Winter) – Sometimes

Something about beginning of this song feels as pensive as the title. It’s feels like it’s testing the waters, dipping it’s toe in to see how cold it is. Then you can feel the nostalgic vibe kick in, the misty-eyed thoughts about the past, certain electric moments that are ingrained in your brain like flashbulb memories. Those moments are the “sometimes.” In fact, if you add up all the things you do sometimes, it most likely equals close to 100% of your time and life.

“Sometimes, the fever in my bones won’t break
I wanna make the same mistakes”

I guess you could call them moments, but i like the concept of “sometimes.” It ties into the concept of moderation, which is another fascinating topic. I think about moderation a lot, in terms of “when/what is too much?” What’s an acceptable level of anything? Confounding stuff, probably TOO MUCH for right now, so I digress.

My point is, doing things “sometimes” is what keeps things exciting. It also keeps things simple – do something all the time, and it loses it’s charm and enjoyment, that’s no mystery. The same is true of the flip, and I don’t see anything noble about denying yourself things you enjoy. Plus when you go without, then you just end up needing from people and putting a strain on your relationships. But if you indulge too much, odds are you’re putting a strain on your relationships in that scenario too. Listen to SNBRN and Holly and save yourself, your friends and your family the trouble – just do things sometimes.

Choose Your Pimp

It’s a sad but a choice nonetheless. By choosing to play a game we don’t own, we choose to be pimped. But look around you say, I can do whatever I want? This very illusion romanticizes the reality – So many pimps to choose from! If you don’t own, your passion becomes someones product. We essentially pay to play under this paradigm.

It’s the same as “choosing” a President. South Park said it ingeniously in the Douche and Turd episode. What are we even choosing between here?

Now apply that to the things you’ve probably never considered.

We choose a college to owe money to. We choose a job to trade money for our time. We choose the rate at which to be indebted to a credit card company. We choose what home we want to buy and pay off for 30 years. I don’t know about you but what kind of ridiculous choices are these?

I won’t go on with this because it’s a disturbing topic. Though I do recommend thinking about it, the bigger picture. You have to be an owner. Because you see, the “choice” to go get it 1means you just got got.

Midoca – Everything I Need

Growing up, my brother and I used to laugh hysterically every time our dad started to get choked up watching a movie. He’d start popping and snorting, trying to hold back the tears, pretending he wasn’t getting emotional and my bro and I would lose it. Mostly because the scenes seemed completely innocuous, and our little feeble minds couldn’t understand what the hell was “so sad” about said scene.

Well, now I know I’m getting old, because I get choked up probably 2-4 times per day. Mostly from various forms of art that are just plain dope, there’s really no other reason. I guess at this point my mind is able to tune into the frequency of “dopeness” that certain art has, and once it does, it’s all goosebumps and tear ducts from there. It could be a moment of a TV show, a photo that strikes a nerve, a song that resonates, a movie that “gets it,” or even a special moment in sports. The other night I was watching an ESPN documentary about the heartbreak that Cleveland sports fans have suffered through the years, and mind you I don’t give a shit about the Cavs, Browns or the Indians, but once Marty Schottenheimer broke down trying to defend Ernest Byner as a good person even though he fumbled away a chance at the Super Bowl, it was all goosebumps and tear ducts. This cry-baby trend seems to have no boundaries.

“Everything I Need” reduced me to a salty mess pretty swiftly. Even more than the relatable lyrics of pain and frustration is the unbridled emotion that Midoca brings to this track. He sounds helpless, yet firm in his declarations, reminding us that even though shit isn’t the way it’s supposed to be for him, he’s still got “everything he needs.” The melodies strike all the right pangs of sadness and desperation, and the self-produced track twists and turns along with Midoca as he comes to terms with what’s going on. He drags the listener along, forcing them to come to terms with the song too. The fact that this is his first time singing on one of his tracks makes it all the more impressive. I was throughly moved by this one.

Francis And The Lights – THANK YOU

This is the beginning,
Somehow it feels like an ending.
Spoken like a true beginner.
We’re gonna get there…

Such a strange decision,
To fight to the finish.
Only just to say are you finished?
We’re gonna get there…

Give my number to God, give my phone to my best friend.
Tell him call up all my enemies and tell them it’s all good, it’s all good.
I know I wish I could, wish I could.

I should say, THANK YOU…

VOKES – Slow Down

I was vibing to the beginning of this track, enjoying the tinny, transistor radio-style throwback sound when the chorus unexpectedly burst through like the Kool-Aid guy crashing through some dry-wall. The rush of lush sounds felt like a tropical wave crashing up against my body. Getting salt water all up in my mouth, eyes and ears, but it’s all good cause it’s part of the experience. It felt like that first hit of a joint after not smoking any weed for a few days. That “ahhhh yes, THIS feeling!” feeling.

It reminded me of that first bite of super high quality sushi, or a sip of legit wine. A bite of a maple bar fresh out of the oven. Puttin’ it in after a couple of dry months. It’s all about that rush that overwhelms your senses in every way. We don’t want little teasers and sampler platters, we want to be overcome full force with THAT feeling. That’s really what everyone is looking for – from a little kid on a swing, to a point guard on the high school bball team, to a drug addict living in a stair well – they just want that rush of feeling that brings them to another new place, a new height, a new moment that they can then define other moments against.

Really it’s why we do anything – for the feeling, the sensation that comes along with it. The feeling of accomplishment after a job well done. The feeling of satisfaction after great sex. The feeling of satiation after an awesome meal or an indulgent dessert. The fact that we’re all constantly searching for a feeling is certainly part of a much bigger story, but we’ll save that for another time. For now I’m just enjoying the rush that “Slow Down” provides for me every time I listen to it. Another beauty from VOKES, my new drug dealer for the week.