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Leon – Dance (Oliver Remix)

Listening to this Oliver remix of Leon’s “Dance” feels like biting into a burger from Shake Shack. Just ridiculous amounts of flavor coming from every direction. This track just oozes class, it feels like sophisticated dance music. None of that bang your head, shake your tits or twerk it up party business here – this is that high class, smooth strutting, big boy, $25 shots of whiskey music. The kind of vibe where you don’t give a sh*t about what’s going on around you, because what’s going IS you, dammit!

Other than the coincidental silliness of two quirky male first names working together (I’m highly anticipating the new Steve remix of Jim), this song is pure perfection. It’s the soundtrack to that moment when you’re by yourself at the club, having just arrived before your friends. You go ahead and buy yourself a drink and find a little perch in which to view the surroundings. Head bobbing, confidence through the roof, fueled by sips (gulps) of whiskey and unfettered excitement about limitless potential of the night ahead. Those moments are even better than the actual night sometimes. Enjoy the weekend and all the moments “in between.”


Honors – Over

This line from Honors debut single “Over” says it all:

“You know I’m gonna change, things just don’t stay the same, no more, no more.”

It’s the absolute truth, whether referring to yourself, your thoughts, your opinions, relationships, music, sports, politics, and pretty much anything else really. Change and cycles are the way of the universe, like it or not. It’s up to us to learn enough about the way it works so we can move WITH the changes and cycles, rather than resist them and ultimately lose every time. NOTHING stays the same, because EVERYTHING is part of the movement/cycle/change.

If you enter into a relationship and assume that the way it is then is the way it will be in 2 years, the relationship is already doomed. It’s either laziness or fear or a combination of both that keeps people thinking that life is static. Moments are moments. Time is ultimately irrelevant and non-existent, but we’re forced to think “linearly” as earthlings so we find a moment that suits us and hope/assume/wish that time stops there. But it all keeps moving, so you have to keep moving too. Learn new things that will change your opinions and beliefs. Develop core beliefs that will inform you as to when you should “change.” You gotta be aware of rhythms, especially your own, and you gotta know when to move just like when a squirrel senses a human walking up behind them and darts off into a tree without ever actually looking back to see what was behind them. Awareness.

Music is changing constantly, sub-genres slip in and out like waves. What’s exciting about Honors debut is that it feels like change, aside from the obvious lyric. The sounds, the arrangement, the mood – it all feels like change. Honors is taking a sound that has been bubbling and building upon it, anticipating change and attempting to be a leader rather than a follower. I can’t wait to hear what they have coming next, because it feels like they might be “next.”

Justice – We Are Your Friends (k?d Remix)

This is one hell of a wild ride down remix road. Somehow rising producer k?d added an insane EDM-meets-arena-rock sound to Justice’s legendary smash “We Are Your Friends,” while still maintaining the spirit of the original. The booming snares sound like they should be blasting out of a football stadium on Sunday afternoon. The gritty, edgy synths are distorted to the point they sound like fuzzy electric guitars. The whole thing is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. It’s also a great reminder of how awesome Justice was, while also serving as a warning for how dope k?d is becoming.

Doesn’t this feel like it’s destined to become a stadium song? How does a song graduate into that world anyway? Did stadium playlist curators keep going back to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and Blur’s “Song 2” so often that they became staples of stadium culture? It’s pretty fascinating when you think about it, cause it seems like there’s really only a couple of go-to stadium songs over the past 20-30 years. You’re probably guaranteed to hear Queen and Blur at any sporting event around the US on any night of the week, any day of the year. But can’t you imagine hearing this after the Lakers or Clips hit a late 3 to go up by 1 with 21 seconds left? The whole stadium rocking with the excitement? Shoot, I might just walk it on over to the Staples Center myself if I have to.

Sharon Jones – I’m Still Here

Sharon Jones released her first record when she was 40 years old. Most people give up on their dreams in their early 20’s fam. “I’m Still Here” is the story of her name. Nothing inspires me more than hard work and perseverance. Sharon fought so hard to sing her song and when the finally listened she gave us nothing but beauty. I’m so glad you made it. You did what so few can and left a legacy though art. In my eyes the greatest accomplishment. Because of that you will be here forever, RIP.

All the things I’ve been through just to sing this song
All the people I’ve seen come and go as I kept pushin’ on
I had to work as a prison guard telling men to do what they were told
‘Cos some record label told me I was too fat, too short, black and old
I had to direct the choir to let my voice out
That was the only place I could sing and be proud

But I’m still here, yeah
I said I’m still here…”