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Holy ’57 — Island Kids

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 2.32.24 PM

Growing up in NYC I can only imagine what growing up on a beach must have been like. There were times when I was much younger that I would have traded our brutal New York City winters for a life laid out on hot sands and crystal blue beaches. “Island Kids” is what I imagine a day in that life to be: waking up to another picture perfect sunrise, rushing to the coastline with your friends and floating the beautiful mid-morning to early-afternoons away staring up at the skies, living somewhere between heaven and reality.

My NYC summers were the complete opposite. They were early mornings full of some cartoons and a lot of imagination, late afternoons found playing stoopball or skellies on the streets between the cars and public buses zooming by, and just about the only water we got to see outside of our apartments were sprinkler caps attached to fire hydrants (johnny pump) that someone’s older brother or dad would set up until the Fire Department came and shut them off. It wasn’t quite the blissful vibe you are able to grasp by listening to this Holy ’57 jam, but it had its moments.

Anyway, for those of you like me that can’t escape the concrete jungle, or don’t have the luxury of waking up and chilling at the beach on this Monday, turn this on and let it play and take you away to those places for the next few minutes. What you will get is an entire day at the beach without any worries wrapped up into four minutes plus of peaceful bliss.


Fekky — Way Too Much (feat. Skepta)

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I think the UK rap scene has finally broken through into the American Hip Hop culture and it’s in form of Fekky Skepta. These two rap MC’s have recently seen more and more success in their own individual careers throughout The Kingdom and with some of the U.S.A’s highest musical influencers. Fekky popping up late last year in 2014 on California rapper The Game‘s UK tour, and Skepta performing a Kanye collab with Kanye at his secret show at Koko in Camden a few months back. Since then the world has taken more notice of British rappers in general, and two authentic MC’s like Fekky and Skepta only help to solidify what up until now only a few other rap purists knew—that the UK Rap is much too fresh.

With a sound that exudes the fun party-like feel of 80’s rap, the harder cored lyrics of the 90’s when rappers had to rap and actually be good at it, and the new wave sounds of trap music, Fekky Skepta‘s latest collab: “Way Too Much” does a lot for British rap in just one song.

Catchy hook in hand, boisterous flows and some killer production, this song has anthem potential and fits perfectly into any DJ rap sets at any party. Even just playing an instrumental version of the first set of sounds (synth) that play in a 6,3 pattern will get your juices flowing at any party that you would least expect this tune to play. And surely, for anyone who knows it well Way Too Much will make them go crazy as everyone else watches, wondering what those few with their hands in-the-air stomping their feet hard onto the ground know and what they themselves are missing out on.

Too add to an already really dope song on its own, the collaborators have also dropped a video (seen here) that is sure to amp up the song for you even more and understand why these two British representers are the face of the British Rap scene for us over here at EMPT, right now. The video shows influences from Fabolous‘s “Lituation”  video featuring some really fire graffiti artwork, classic throwback fashion pieces and even a smooth nod its lyrics:

Might catch me in the BM with your BM” — Fekky

I got your BM in my BM nigga.” — Fabolous

It seems only right that as we celebrate our Independence from those cheeky Brits here in the states, they celebrate their own independence in the rap world with rap that is consistently only getting stronger.


Alex and The Talai Lama — Ghost

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 11.13.24 AM

When I am listening to this Alex and The Talai Lama tune titled “Ghost”, it takes me back to a period in time that now seems like one small moment. I find myself alone on the streets of NYC’s Financial District and I’m in the middle of a bunch of skyscrapers built of glass. As I look up and around, the glass reflects the sky and everything feels blue. The temperature isn’t cold, but there is a cool breeze that feels like an air conditioner is on somewhere. I look around and there are no people or cars or hot dog vendors or cops, and the girl that once stood there with me when those same streets were filled to the edges of the curbs with people is just another ghost in this now haunted ghost town.

There are moments when I slip from being in-the-moment and my mind wanders into the past that feel like that movie Inception to me, and where I find myself with this ghost. We walk the streets for hours because in my mind what looks like a few seconds to you on the outside are really a long set of hours, and sometimes even days that are taking place. It’s only when I can’t recognize the buildings and I notice that there are no street signs with street names that I realize I am living in the past, and then as I look back to her she begins to disintegrate into thin air, and that world begins to integrate itself into the one in front of me pulling me back into the present. But when I am in that world, and in that town that is full with all those people, it’s fast moments of happiness that are occurring as if on repeat, with that girl, that continue to haunt my heart as if it is missing something in order to complete it.

I know that a heart should not need pieces of someone else to be completed because those pieces that others leave within our hearts actually strengthen it, but from time to time anxiety takes over and the mind and heart and soul look for something to soothe it.

Ghost” is a story about love that has come and gone, and I guess that is why my mind found a moment in time that I could relate it to. This is how I connect with music, and this is how music connects with me. My stories are never meant to hurt anyone in my current life because I love deeply, but I have learned that they should not be tossed and forgotten either because they are integral pieces of a path that is constantly being paved in order for me to continue walking and finish a journey that was destined to be.

I live my moments, day to day, as if they will be my last and is if someone is going to tell them later on in some pub or in front of some campfire, so I live them to-the-max no matter what anyone thinks. I will continue to love and I will continue to strengthen this heart of mine through love because for as many ghosts as it has had that have haunted it, I too have haunted and will continue to haunt many hearts as well.

Sam Padrul — Why Do I Do (Ft. Jason Gaffner)


The world is constantly moving and I find myself moving right along with it. Sometimes we’re ahead of the Earth’s curve when we find ourselves pacing right alongside it, but it’s only when we are running at full speed that we find ourselves on an entirely different orbit.

Today is Wednesday, it’s a new month and the day is bright even if it is cloudy with a chance of miserable wherever you’re from, and the reason for all this sunniness and vibrant energy is this cool new jam from Sam Padrul featuring Jason Gaffner titled: “Why Do I Do”. The entire song is catchy on every level; from its harmonies to its super catchy hook down to its percussions, synths, shakers, its super cool groove and its sexy brasses, the track exudes a brilliant dance-floor seduction that will get you moving. It’s perfect for the middle of the week and getting us ready for this holiday weekend’s festivities.

Sometimes the music is simply about connecting with our inner soul in a way that is more innate on such a level that it naturally makes your senses tingle and body move involuntarily. Sometimes there is no other deeper connection than what music does to us on the inside, and sometimes, we don’t need it to mean anything to us other than a good time. This is what you will instantly feel and get with this perfectly pieced production and nothing more. I mean, what more is there to life than the feeling you get when something seems amazing?

Ready to dance?

Little Giants — Lately (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.21.27 AM

Lately I’ve been thinking that I want you instantly
Only know you for a minute, but it’s good enough for me”

Sometimes we meet people and we connect with them so fast that we forget anything that happened before that encounter and we stop stressing about anything that we previously expected to come after those seconds with them. There are times when girls forget that they have boyfriends and boyfriends forget that they have girlfriends because they are so caught up in a moment that neither of them expected to happen. And what about all you single people out there that complain about being “so lonely” everyday yet are so afraid to engage with someone new, right away, because you believe that it may somehow lead to more heartbreak? That’s no way to live, and that is not the way towards love.

That’s what I said
Don’t be afraid”

You sit there after work and sip on wines with your friends discussing the millions of reasons why nobody talks to you and why you are still single, or why you somehow seem stuck in the same cycles with exes, or why you are constantly catching yourself dating people who are unavailable all because you are much too afraid to be pulled out of your comfort zone and into something completely new. A girl or guy approaches you and instantly you guard yourself as if they’re trying to mug you or are interrogating you after some huge crime you’ve just committed. You never stop to smile and hear what they have to say because you prejudge everything you see rather than forget everything you have been taught and told before that moment occurred. Obviously what you have been told and taught isn’t working, right?

I understand that society has hardwired us to act certain ways and grieve about loves lost, but in reality all that these things do are stump our growth. These ideas that have been embedded into our heads about how we should feel after break ups or after figuring out that someone isn’t meant for us are actually counterproductive to finding exactly what we need out of love. What I’m saying is that we should stop grieving after we find out that someone is no longer a part of our lives because they could not help us grow any further no matter how much we personally love(d) them, and, I’m saying that rather than believing our hearts to be broken because of these breakups we should realize that it is our hearts that are actually being strengthened by them.

It’s only you, it’s only me, it’s only love.”

Take a listen to Monsieur Adi‘s latest home run as he fine tunes “Lately” by Little Giants with beautiful acoustic guitar riffs to help you defy your fears, lose your comfort zones and open your strengthening hearts to new potential loves like never before.

Yeah, I know we’ll be amazing
When we’re lost in symmetry,
I wanna dive into your ocean,
Let it wash all over me”

I’m Not A Band — Cages (Frider Neumann Radio Mix)

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 2.26.35 PM

We live in cages to never feel alone“

You’re not the only one who has had their feelings crushed by some entitled bully. You’re not the only one who has had their heart ripped right out of their chest by someone you thought loved you, unconditionally. You’re not the only one who has built strength by emotionally disconnecting yourself from love. At some point, we have all been there and done it. Hell, some of us are still living in those very same “Cages” that I’m Not A Band sings about on this deep house gem by Frider Neumann, but it’s those of us who can break down those very barriers we ourselves put up that end up enjoying life the most.

Last night I was talking to some friends about our beliefs regarding hell. Some of them believe hell to be a place that we cannot yet see, and that we would only be able to get to once we pass away from this life. Others believe that hell is here on Earth and within the lives we live. Me? I was somewhere in the middle realizing that, for me, hell exists only within the hells we choose to live within. That’s it. We have all the say in how we will wake up and what we will allow ourselves to think about all day. For me, there is no way I’m thinking about anyone or anything negative in my world because they simply do NOT exist, in my world. I don’t have to answer some pathetic psychopaths selfish pleas via email if I don’t need to, and as for thinking about it any further than the spam button, I just don’t, and the truth and secret is that you don’t have to either.

You need to realize that life CAN be beautiful everyday. You need to understand that if we go through hell it’s because we allowed that hell to come to us and take over our minds and thoughts, and that quite possibly, we masochistically even desired it to happen. If that’s the case, then there is something deeper that you have to get to the bottom of within you because hell on Earth is an option of our minds. The same way that you may look at someone living in what you believe to be poverty, as sad, is the same way they may look at you and think the same.

Today is a new day, the summer has freshly begun and hell can honestly just be a myth told by ancient people to control the masses. All you need to know is that in order to grow and progress and rid yourself of any hells that may come your way, all you need to do is remove those emotional cages that you have built for yourself and continue to experience the world. It is through those very experiences that you fear having that life becomes the greatest journey ever taken, and if you are not here to LIVE, then what exactly are you here for?

A.Chal — Round Whippin

unnamed (1)

Learn these words really quickly:


Round Whippin” by A.Chal is that new night time summer jam that you rock to as your cruisin’ by yourself or with friends. It’s the kind of song that puts everything happening around you as your driving by it, into slow motion, and it’s that shit that makes those hard gazes shared with hot girls cinematic.

A.Chal sings about Rodeo Drive and La Brea and San Diego and connects us to that California vibe we can only really feel if we have ever been. There’s nothing like that beautiful air hitting your face as you drive under the those giant palm trees at night whose silhouettes only become visible in front of all the stars.

The song maintains a mellow mood with a hard hip hop bottom that carries it through til the end, and gives it that B-boy swag it exudes so well. It’s a catchy, sexy and pensive type of tune for the next time you just want to hit the open road at night and ride.

Light up.

BECOME X Elohim – She Talks Too Much

I’m trying to reach uncharted territory as a modern-day Christopher Columbus of spirituality so I spend a lot of time exploring the abstract – shit like meditation, talking to plants, the nature of time etc. So far my experiments have yielded marvelous results but one interesting thing about espcaping every day communication is going back and talking to people. Language is such an abstraction in regard to communication. Follow me as I relate it to code – it’s as if our DNA is our machine code, culture/religion/etc are our high level programming languages and what we actually say is the interface. That’s a very digital way of saying that the “self,” is rarely speaking, we’re to an extent just bio computers executing our programming…

I speak only one language, and it is not my own.” — Jacques Derrida

Some people fight this, most don’t. So these days when people talk to me I listen to their words, but most of my attention is focused on tuning into tonal frequencies and energy that cuts through the endless layers of abstraction and reveals what they’re really trying to say or accomplish. I apply the same practice to myself in meditation because words never quite capture the essence of my own thoughts and feelings.

Which brings me to the subject of todays post, BECOME’s remix of Elohim’s She Talks To Much. The song is self-explanatory and captures that swervy moment when you want to around people but simply get beyond the basic bitchness of talking. Don’t get me wrong, I love language and when two people break down the programming and speak at that higher level (low-level for anyone who understood the above) it’s a beautiful thing, but that’s easier said then done. Sometimes, especially when there’s some sort of mind altering substance you just want to sit back chill and move like lions do. No words, it’s when dancing says it all, when a look does all the talking, when a touch not words is game. Just vibe and communication at the most basic and fundamental level, enjoy.

John Newman — Come And Get It (Kideko Remix)


This next jam is brought to you by remixer Kideko courtesy of John Newman‘s single “Come And Get It“. It’s a nonstop, nearly five minute ride of  four-on-the-floor goodness mixed with catchy chants for adlibs, awesomely tucked-in and panned bongos, cool vocal chops and a fierce vocal performance by Mr. Newman himself. This dancy electro tune will immediately get you going and keep it that way throughout the afternoon and in any circumstance, and is a much needed celebration to the midweek, today.

Like Hec mentioned yesterday, this track is posted today because of the superior quality in sound that it maintains, and the care given to it by Kideko on the mixes and placement of sounds. The claps never overstep their threshold yet they assist in reeling our ears right on into the music from the very start before the introduction of most of the other sounds. Louder placed vocals ensure that the foundation and inspiration for the instrumental aspects of the remix don’t get lost within the killer production, yet they can totally stand completely on their own proving worthy of Kideko‘s golden touch because mixing is about balance, and this remixed production is perfectly that—balanced.

If you’re at work sitting at your desk you might want to put on a great pair of headphones that carry the bottom ends/bass a little heavier than your classic Signature Apple in-ear ones, and rock out. I guarantee that your body will automatically move on its own to the beat, especially your shoulders and legs, and your head will sway and bop around in all sorts of ways as the song progresses and you find yourself falling in love with this potential Summer anthem.

Come and get it if your really want it!”

Converse Rubber Tracks: A Public Service Announcement

I don’t have time for anything anymore because I’m doing everything. Every second of the day is spent either learning how to program Swift, writing music for multiple projects, curating thousands of brands around the world, trying to wrap my head around the ever-changing global financial crisis or deepening my relationship with creativity and self-expression. I’ve become fascinated with being a beginner again and working my way from ignorance to knowledge. We overlook that concept, but if you think back to your youth, the world was a magical place because everything was new, everything was a learning process and a challenge. Why do we get older and suddenly settle into roles? The answer my friend is too long for this casual blog post but the lesson to take from it is to keep learning and challenging yourself, take on the hardest thing you can find and forever be a beginner.

That brings me to the subject of today’s post – a public service announcement brought to you in part by the good folks of EMPT regarding an awesome thing called Converse Rubber Tracks.

With music, it’s hard to be a beginner these days because the art is so heavily disrespected. Just look at what Apple, the company whose culture is based on a respect for creativity, just tried to pull (RIP Steve Jobs, that damn board of directors is ruining your name). But it’s not just royalties. That extends into everything in music, especially sound quality and the recording process. Back in the days sound engineers wore lab coats because the shit was dead serious. Those Beatles albums sound like that because fools at Abby Road who were recording them knew what they were doing, artists weren’t even allowed in the control room. Do you have any idea how hard it is to take the art of music serious these days?

That’s why I love this Converse Rubber Tracks thing, they go around taking high quality music and sound, dead serious. If you’re an artist on the come up they offer the opportunity to record for free.99 at one of their permanent studios (Brooklyn, NY, Sao Paulo, Brazil…), yes they still have those, or pop-up things all over the world .

Sure, you can record your album in your bedroom on a $100 mic through your Duets stock preamp, all MIDI, with the sound of your mom yelling in the background and that’s exactly how it’s going to sound. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about content, a good song doesn’t need to sound good to be good, but it should because that’s the full realization of the art.

Again, that’s why I love the Converse Rubber Tracks, because they bring people to legendary studios where their ideas can be realized at the highest level because tools matter. For the record, I get nothing for talking about this, but all this marketing about how “great” project-studios are in order to sell you gear has been on my mind lately, and ‘it ain’t right’. Morning Phase, Random Access Memory, and Modern Vampires of the City won the Best Album Grammy’s sounding like that because they took the sound serious. You got a vintage U67 or 1176 in your bedroom broseph? I don’t think so. You gotta respect the game, work hard and earn your way to recording your music the right way. That or take advantage of this opportunity and register for a chance to record at a legendary studio this September… last chance to register is tomorrow, June 24th so don’t sleep.

Global registration begins today, Tuesday, May 26 and runs through Wednesday, June 24, featuring an online submission process that requires applicants to rank their top three studio preferences, and encourages all to enter a brief artist biography or description via a video or written application. If selected, chosen artists will be notified in early July. Following a thorough planning session with studio producers, artists chosen will be taken to one of their studios of choice in September this year, with most travel accommodations arranged and select expenses covered by Converse.

As any long time Space Age kid will tell you, this site is for music lovers by music lovers. The people behind EMPT aren’t bloggers, we literally live and die by music. Music is how we make our money, how we discover life, how we make memories, how we find romance and how we make our mark on the world. We don’t get behind anything really, but Rubber Track is the type of shit we will support, because it respects music and it’s dope. Get with it and register here –

Thank us later.