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NOTORIOUS: Movie Review

… After Watching Notorious

In an attempt to protect the decency and reputation of such a remarkable talent I am making a public service announcement that should be taken quite serious: DO NOT WATCH “NOTORIOUS.”

If you want to learn about Biggie Smalls listen to his classic debut, “Ready to Die,” watch YouTube videos, look him up on Wiki, ask your hip-hop friend but whatever you do, don’t watch this movie. You know how the movie is never as good as the book? Well, “Ready to Die” is Biggie’s book and “Notorious” is some inadequate jerks horrible attempt at interpreting that.

This movie is a joke, it is one of the worst representations of an artist to ever hit the big scream. The acting is bland, unbelievable, passionless and inaccurate. The screen play could have been done by a child and the musical recreations are nothing short of disgraceful. The Notorious B.I.G. was an integral part of hip-hop, one it’s premier ambassadors. Anyone choosing to take on that responsibility should do so with a very clear understanding of what’s at hand. To think that some curious moviegoers and youth will be seeing this in hopes of learning about Biggie is saddening. If you know anything about Biggie, don’t watch this movie, you will be scard for life.

How do you make a lame movie based on one of the coolest cats to ever grace rap music, I don’t know but congratulations to executive producer Sean Combs, you did just that. Hip-hop on hip-hop crime.

Now let’s all just listen to some music and forget this movie ever happened…

Notorious B.I.G. – Big Poppa


    damn… thanks for the heads up. I heard it had a “Made for T.V.” or “Straight to DVD” look and feel. I am glad I saved my $12.

  • hec

    yeah man, I walked out of there like what just happened? shit is blasphemy, hip-hop on hip-hop crime.

  • Ebony

    I think the opposite. I think the cast did an okay job with an a few exception Lil Cease could have grown up a bit.While Ms Basset worked on keeping the accent . The cast was well picked on looks alone. I think Diddy did a good job of making himself look like the hungry fool. For the real life stories moving so fast in different directions I think the movie did an okay job of linking important events and people. I think viewers are looking for something so much more that its blinding them from seeing the artistic way they are trying to tell the story.The scenes where bigg’s in the booth recording and you can see the different vibes in the room from alternate angles… hot. The scene where Ms. Wallace is riding in the limo looking out to the real video footage of the fans in Brooklyn as Big takes his last trip home has great feeling. All in all I loved the movie, the cast, the story line, the cinematography was done the way it was to regenerate good memories. It made me remember when and why I fell in love with Hip Hop.

  • hec

    Most people will like this movie. That’s the problem.

  • Mike G

    I’m a little late on the comment, but I think the movie was a success for Ms. Wallace. Overall, it was not a great movie, and certainly not what a Biggie “fan” was expecting. The acting was below average (I only liked Gravy as BIG and Faith), and the story was too vague to get a real understanding of who BIG was. If you are a fan of the music, this will come as somewhat of a surprise. It does not show you the BIG you may have thought you knew, but a very different side of BIG. I like the movie, because it is what I expected, but I do agree it could have been just for TV. Arguably though, we must remember “The Jackson: An American Dream” – the Jackson 5 movie was TV ONLY!!! (And it was a GREAT movie) So, Heck I can agree with what you are saying, but yes, a lot of people will “accept” this movie just because it’s BIG.

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