Bat For Lashes – Daniel

A lot of blogs out there just post new stuff for the sake of posting so I’ve been waiting to write about Daniel, a fantastic song that deserves more than 2 minutes of my time. I’m starting to question if these publishers even listen to music anymore, you go on the sites and all you get is “Here’s the new Bat For Lashes video! So Cool!” It’s a damn shame. To quote Jay-Z when he was good, “Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?” Anyways, back to the lecture at hand…

“I got fed up of everyone thinking I was this mystical creature that drinks unicorns’ tears for breakfast!” If the new album “Two Suns” was supposed to be an answer to that, I’d have to give her a thumbs up, because she managed to it without compromising anything that made her unique. I for one was a huge fan of the dark, theatrical and eerie story telling, I can listen to it all day. “What’s A Girl To Do” from her first album is in my Top 5 love songs, all which I require to have a deep understanding of the complex, intense and necessary love/”hate” emotions one has for a real significant other. Mix that in with the creepy 1970’s horror film production and next thing you know I’m at the record store buying all your CD’s…

Bat For Lashes – Daniel

Bat For Lashes – Sleep Alone

Daniel, the albums lead single sounds more like broken-hearted dark glamor than eerie, which is what’s made it more accessible to a broader audience this time around. The album however, won’t be the same type of easy listen. Two Suns is “a record of modern-day fables exploring dualities on a number of levels – two lovers, two planets, two sides of a personality,” constantly addressing “the philosophy of the self and duality, examining the need for both chaos and balance, for both love and pain, in addition to touching on metaphysical ideas concerning the connections between all existence.”

Yet, amidst all the deeply intellectual talk Khan still manages to understand the balance. So yes, she is talking about Daniel-san, aka Daniel LaRusso, aka Ralph Maccio, aka The Karate Kid. Yes, that is him at the end of the video and yes that is the Karate Kid painted on her bare back with an oceanic backdrop. Seriously though, what strange version of girl is Natasha Khan to understand and appreciate the Karate Kid at such profound levels? Where are these girls hiding? I need me one. Natasha Kahn has an extravagant imagination and her albums feel more like fairy tales than music, enjoy.