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MGMT – Kids (Official Video) (Nouveu!)

Almost a year of being released as a single MGMT has finally unveiled a new video for their fantastic but extremely overplayed song Kids.

Control yourself, take only what you need from it.”

Those simple yet profound lyrics have been somewhat of a mantra for me since I first heard the song. Having grown up traveling and living a great but somewhat out of the ordinary lifestyle has made it difficult for me to be a part of the whole 9 to 5 institution, these simple words have helped me simplify when habit makes me feel otherwise. This video features Joanna Newson as a young, wealthy and neglecting mother who can’t seem to realize her child has an extraordinary imagination that has him seeing disturbing monsters and funny Eunuchs. Speaking of Eunuchs, I completely broke down laughing when he runs into MGMT dressed as silver Eunuchs singing Kids in the woods. I’m pretty sure this little kid will be tormented for the rest of his life after playing this role and I expect much criticisim to hit MGMT, either way its a cool concept and great execution, enjoy.

Ben Lee – Kids (MGMT Cover)


The Kooks – Kids (MGMT Cover)

MGMT – Kids (80Kidz Re-Edit)

  • mh, i love the song but this video destroys it even more than houndreds of dbags screaming ‘EHEHEHEHEHEHEHH-EH-EHHH’ to the intro.
    Or their shitty guitar player. or the kids-played/hour ratio in european clubs.

    i wanted to see that 2 guys (you know, the only 2 with quite strong personal brands) take some god-given drugs and ride huge animals or drink some moon-juice.
    But what do they gave to me? a little boy scared as fuck because he runs in some silver dressed gheys in a forest. then some random comic whatthefuck i saw like in a billion more videos.

    and the worst of it all, the song is like a zilliontrillion blog years old.


  • hec


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