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M.I.A. – Pull Up The People (Speed Painting By Salena)

Randomly ran into this during a YouTube binge and what a pleasant surprise it was. I’m not very familiar with speed painting but this undeniably cool. It’s from an upcoming artist called Salena, out of Berlin, Germany. She’s done a few of them which are featured on her Myspace. The featured track is one of my all time favorites M.I.A. songs called Pull Up The People, from her freshman effort Arular. Nothing like some invigorating Diplo production, London Sri Lanken street slang and cool art to get Friday started. Enjoy.

M.I.A. – Pull Up The People

Here’s a bonus track from the Piracy Funds Terrorism mixtape released back 2004.

You can be a follower but whose your leader?”

M.I.A. – M.I.A. (Diplo Mix)