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Lily Allen – Oh My God (Kaiser Chiefs Cover)

I like Lily Allen ; ) Mostly for her perspective and charm but it’s really starting to look like success treating this PYT very well, yahtzee! That or Katy Perry calling her self a skinner version of Lily Allen must have motivated a little gym campaign – Thank you Katy Perry.

Not sure if Marc Ronson produced this cover but the impressive horn arrangement and drum break really make you think so. I enjoyed the Kaiser Chief’s version but this one is in another league. Very impressive production and fantastic lyrics. EMPT Favorite.

Great ruins make for a greater glory. The only thing growing is out history… It don’t matter to me, cause all I wanted to be was a million miles from here, Somewhere more familiar…
And oh my God I can’t believe it, I never been this far away from home.”

Edit: Both this track and the Kaiser Chief version were in fact produced by Marc Ronson, it’s from a compilation called Pokerdice Presents Marc Ronson. Thanks random dude in the comments.

Lily Allen – Oh My God (Kaiser Chiefs Cover)