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Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side

Most of you will recognize this song as the sample for Tribe Called Quest’s Can I Kick It; while I think the Tribe song is an creative and energetic reinvention, it’s pale in comparison to the quaint and haunting original. Take A Walk On The Wild Side was the surprise hit single from Lou Reed’s solo debut Transformer, and was produced by David Bowie, a big fan of Reed. In typical Velvet fashion, the songs lyrics are as unorthodoxed and elcletic as they come; covering topics like drugs, oral sex, race, male prostitutes and transexuality. As a member of The Velvets, Reed was very involved with Andy Warhol and the debauchery that came a long with it. In fact, some of the characters referred to in this song  are Andy’s “superstars.” With lyrical content so trite these days if find myself caught up in the more psychedelic and creative eras of music. For those of you who don’t listen to lyrics worry not, the songs quirky and infectious bass line is usually what lures most in.

Lou Reed – Walk On The Wildside

There are two bass sounds happening at once, a double-bass and a fretless bass guitar. Secondly, the musicians are playing a major tenth interval, a quirky and unusual decision at the time, enjoy.

New York City is the place where they said hey babe, take a walk on the wild side.”

  • kpuif09

    what planet r u from?”Most of you will recognize…”
    i don’t know a song by a tribe called whatever
    but i do know lou reed and VU, sorry, i’m not 12 yrs old or a retard, i just love real music.

  • hec

    Frank Sinatra had a small song, you’ve probably heard it – Fly Me To The Moon; of course you’ve heard it, everyone has.
    I bet you also know “Fly Me To The Moon” is a remake of a 1954 song called “In Other Words” written by Bart Howard. Originally a slow and and waltzy number, arranger and producer Quincy Jones took the song, changed the time signature to 4/4 and gave it a hipper, more upbeat feeling. People remake songs, the music is reinvigorated and it becomes something for new generations to appreciate and call their own. And who knows, the people who hear the Tribe song may go out and seek the Lou Reed song and more good music gets spread, heard and loved. Everyone wins and you have good musique pour tous.

    Please don’t bring your negative, amateur hour, narcissistic and living in a box point of view to my website.

    We post good music here, and that comes in many forms chap. Expand your mind, live free of limitations and be happy; no need for such bitterness. EMPT loves you.

  • John

    KPUIF09 was pretty rude, but I did think it was a little odd that you thought the Tribe Called Quest song was more famous than Lou Reed’s original.

    This post read sort of like “You may love Girl Talk, but did you know he samples other once well-known artists?”

  • hec

    I guess you could interpret it that way but I don’t think it’s so far fetched to say that most people who grew up in the 90s (this websites demographic) would know that famous bass line from a Tribe Called Quest song.

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