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Chromeo – Call Me Up (Bag Raiders Remix)

Every time I listen to Chromeo I’m reminded of those old school smooth soul R&B/Funk bands. You know, like the Barry Whites, Fatback Band, Major Harris, the Persuaders. All the guys whose sole purpose as artist was to sing about the many complexities, dimensions and details of macking it to girls on a daily basis. I was always fascinated by those steamy spoken interludes Barry White had in his songs, I mean you have to be deep in the seduction game to pull that off and not come across like a master cheese-ball. Call Me Up is about making the said girl comfortable with some casual phone conversation and flirtatious foreplay…

Call me when you’re sad. Call me when you’re mad
Call me when you’re home alone. Call me when you’re freaky
Call me when you’re nasty. Call me when you wanna *ahem*”

All you rookies can learn a thing or two from this song – making a girl at ease and comfortable around you will get you very far in romance. Communication is key, I know it sounds cliche but if you dive into that concept and apply it you’ll be surprised how open a pretty girl can get and how exiting a love life can be. Here’s the original and Bag Raiders remix/mashup of Call Me Up, enjoy.

Chromeo – Call Me Up


Chromeo – Call Me Up (Bag Raiders Remix)


  • jake

    i would just like everyone to know that the bag raiders mix of chromeo is a fake. it has been publicly stated by bag raiders themselves that they are unaware of any chromeo remix they have completed, i mean its pretty obvious, its a sub-standard mashup complete with virtual dj effects!

  • Nashville Nights did it and he never called it anything other than a mash-up. People re-tagged it for hypem gains.

  • Yeah, it is decent sounding as a mashup, but I remember thinking the same thing when it first came out. It is super poorly put together, but some parts could mesh nicely, however the songs separately are better.

  • it is so cool

  • indeed,the song reminds me of a old and longt-lost friend

  • hec

    Yeah it was re-tagged at some point but still good so who cares.