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Lykke Li – Hustlin’ (Rick Ross Cover)

In the beginning of this video she ask the crowed if they love hip hop, than she ask, does anyone know Rick Ross – I’m pretty sure that was a joke. The funniest thing about this video is the audience, whom to say the least do not look like the type of people with a diverse enough palette translate a song which is at face value about selling drugs to how Lykke Li and many others see it, hustlin’ or simply working hard. Still in their defense her busting out and acoustic version of a 2006 southern rap song is literally the last thing anyone would expect. After realizing who she was dealing with she asked the confused people:

Don’t you got any jobs? Are you not like working hard?”

Lykke Li is the best.

Lykke Li – Hustlin’ (Rick Ross Cover)

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