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The FADER presents: Ratatat Design Contest

Ok so Mike Stroud and Evan Mast met while going to Skidmore, I went to Skidmore, so pretty much any excuse I find to post their stuff is going to be exploited.

Anyways, here’s a pretty straight forward contest for all you creative types out there. THE FADER wants you to design some RATATAT merchendise, could be anything, and if you win you get a custom RATATAT bike. Fresh. Though there are many, here are two of my favortite tracks. Enjoy.

Ratatat – Kennedy

Beanie Sigel & Jay-Z – Glock Nines (Ratatat Remix)

Here’s the official press release and pictures of the grand prize…


The RATATAT: Design some Merch and WIN A BIKE CONTEST


1. Design your very own Ratatat object/piece of merch (yes, object meaning anything at all)

It can be a skate deck, turntable mat, t-shirt….you get the idea.

2. All contest entries MUST use the design elements from LP3, we’ve supplied some for you HERE

3. Entries must contain a photo or graphic design. It cannot just be a description of an item.


5. Not only will the winner get the Ratatat bike (pictured above), XL might just put the

winner’s design into production.

This Contest will run through Ratatat’s Spring tour, so we’ll take submissions up until the end of


-that’s it, go! points for creativity.

ALSO, be sure to go get Ratatat’s new album LP3 HERE

and check out SE Bikes HERE