Metric – Gold Guns Girls

Hustle, hustle, hustle. Grind, grind, grind. Why does everyone got hustle on their mind?

The fact that I can relate or rather understand this song so well was once a bad thing, but my how fast things change. In the lyrics Emily Haines keeps asking – “More and more, more and more! Is it ever going to be enough?”

Ever stop and ask yourself why you want certain things? Better yet why you don’t even consider others? I’m not going to get too deep on you guys but when I first heard those lyrics I was inspired to analyze myself and examine my unwavering ambition and drive. What I realized was interesting, first I came to terms and eliminated the superficial things I once overvalued like pretty girls, money, etc. Then I came to understand what has most drastically changed my life in the last few months. I realized that my ambition and competitive nature are not rooted from a desire to simply win, but rather from an admiration for high level performance, and the persuit of excellence – i.e. Michael Jordan, Quincy Jones. In other words changing the goal from winning to being the best, a desire not for the prize but the process, the peace, the practice. It’s a tremendous difference that may seem insignificant to most but has changed the way I approach everything.

Anyways, I could write an essay on the topic but where I once kept asking for more and more, I’m now satisfying in new places. Been meaning to post more from Fantasies but with the blog growing, endless emails and all the new music to keep up with I simply forgot. Best song from the new album IMO. Has that Metric energy we can’t get enough of, enjoy.

Metric – Gold Guns Girls