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Bat For Lashes – Use Somebody (Reprise de Kings of Leon)

I’ve been following Kings of Leon for quite sometime now and everytime I think they’re about to succumb to the pressures of success I’m proved terribly wrong. From indie to mainstream every KOL album has shown musical growth and creativeness equal to or better than the last. When Sex On Fire was leaked last year I was convinced it would be the highlight of the album, I’m mean where can you go after and ode to mindblowing sex? A week later I heard Use Somebody and my expectations were superseded once again.

Lead singer Caleb Followill wrote this song while feeling lonely on tour. He seems to be struggling between the ironic concept of having so many people around but still not finding anything meaningful or worthwhile - ”Painted faces fill the places i can’t reach.” I think anyone living in a big city can easily relate. While the song may be a little mellowdramatic for some, I really think he meant these lyrics and I tend to forget labels and descriptions when I feel the vibe is authentic. With that said, I was so impressed when I heard the Bat For Lashes cover simply because I know how difficult it is to redo such a personal song. Then again, Natasha Kahn is so talented I should have expected it. Here’s the cover, enjoy.

Kings of Leon – Use Somebody

Bat For Lashes – Use Somebody (Reprise de Kings of Leon)