Electric Tickle Machine – Women Are The New Men

“Women Are The New Men” is my personal favorite from these guys. I heard this back when it was just a demo tape recorded in a Brooklyn sandbox but the song has only gotten better with the new production and recording. This songs lyrics are so good for so many reasons that they’ve inspired a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time now:

All of my friends say women are the new men.
She goes to work, I sleep till noon and then…
I went to school; I learned all my state capitols.
I don’t get girls, I get stoned.”

Electric Tickle Machine – Women Are The New Men (Feat. Mared Lenny)


I have a few frustrated girl friends that will tell you just how real this song really is, and I agree. A lot of guys are frustrated because girls are pressuring them to step it up and girls are frustrated because guys can’t keep up. If you ask me they’re both wrong. I place little importance on keeping up with anyone because that’s not what personal growth and independence are about. I also think a lot of women and men value the wrong things in their 20s only realize to realize it in their 30s. Furthermore, the term Women Are The New Men is one I think people take way too literal, to me its metaphor for me that has great implications insinuating a world where men and women are truly more equal in ways far beyond the pocket books.

First and foremost, the modern women doesn’t want to be spoken for in any capacity, and I don’t blame them. To me, independence is about having the freedom to truly realize your ones self without the limitations or judgments of others. I strongly believe that to succeed in all aspects of life, one needs be in touch with their unique disposition; when other people are trying to define that for you, it makes any type of true growth nearly impossible. Before I continue, let me just say that the type of independence I’m talking about has nothing to do with money, power or status. That type of independence is very simple minded and can be acquired by anyone willing to work hard and play the game. To realize ones inner divinity you don’t need any of those things and that’s the type of independence I’m talking about.

Gen X and Y women are a new breed, they live highly independent lifestyles, are in no rush to settle down, pop out some babies or most importantly, stop having fun. I’m having fun with them so I agree with that too ; ) However, this new liberation is so different from the past that a lot of men are inevitably going to have problems understanding or even wanting to understand what women are going through. Also, remember that I’m not speaking in absolutes, a lot of girls could care less about any of this and a lot of guys want nothing to do with the new type of women.

Another lesson I learned that I’d like to pass on to the men team is to disregard the notion that women are all of a sudden these hard ass, emotionless machines making all the money and taking over the world. Being independent and in control of things is as hard for both genders and women are dealing with some serious issues in their pursuit of it. I’ve come to realize that achieving independence is hard for anyone, regardless of gender, so the notion that women are all of a sudden these hard-ass machines is a false one, they’re dealing with all the issues that come along with such a burdening pursuit. – We’re all human after all and girls still watch those silly ass chick flicks, smell good, freak out from time to time and wear pretty dresses. I love my girl friends and given my own tireless ambition I have a great time talking to them about certain concepts and enjoying the fact they not only understand me but also relate.

Finally, its not so much that women are the new men, but rather men and women are finally starting to get to a place where they can offer more to each other. I’m not like most but that means a whole lot to me so I’m glad things are going in that direction. But like everything, this is all a work in progress and both sides have a lot to learn and need to maintain a higher sense of perspective in the process. Many of us are inherently selfish in ways beyond our own recognition so I think it’s important to remember that above all the very simple concepts 20 year old’s deal with are the values of teamwork, family and building. Great things are accomplished when people come together, not when they divide. Aside from that, don’t settle and rock on ladies.