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G.O.V. – I’m In NY Bitch (Reprise de LMFAO)


I saw LMFAO at Hudson Terrace a few weeks ago and let me just say that I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my day but never have I seen an act bring out the pretty girls quite like these guys. I hadn’t seen a such concentration of P.Y.T.’s since my freshman year of college, it was amazing. I can’t say I understand this phenomenon but LMFAO is as simple and fun as music gets so that should give us a clue or two.

Anyways, the musical highlight of the show was of course the performance of their goofy but extremely entertaining hit single I’m In Miami Bitch, which they appropriately dubbed I’m In NY Bitch for the occasion and in turn made the girls lose control, get on stage, down a bottle of vodka and go wild – pure debauchery. Experiencing that reminded me of a remix I heard a while back by Harlem, NYC artist G.O.V. In this version the instrumental is remade with some added flare, the lyrics pay homage to the big apple and are delivered with that gritty NYC sound we’ve all been dying to hear alongside modern production. It’s that point that draws me to this remix the most, the fact that G.O.V., an NY artist, is able to disregard all the limitations and stereotypes associated with the city but still stay true to it’s essence. Here’s a valuable lesson for all you modern music hating quarter-waters. Great remix from a new artist to look out for, enjoy. Download.

LMFAO – Im in Miami Bitch!

G.O.V. – I’m In NY Bitch! (Reprise de LMFAO)