The Gossip – Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)

You could play it safe or play it cool, follow the leader or make up the rules.”

I was in a meeting yesterday that pissed me off and listening to this song inspired the rest of this post.  I was talking to an A&R about the music business and all I got was this sappy somewhat depressing point of view that made no sense in this new revolutionary time.  I’m convinced that it’s time for people my age to  stop depending on the older generations and go ahead and start executing all the cool ideas we have.  Jay-Z called his album the Blueprint, but follow that blueprint and see what kind of house you build.

Talking ’bout my generation.”

I mean anything they can do we can do faster, cheaper, easier and better thanks to the new technology we have at hand.  I hear a lot of people complaining about the times but if you ask me we’re living in one of the best times ever for creating and distributing any type of art, you just have to work hard and I think that’s the concept people keep trying to avoid. Anyways, I got an email telling me I had a message on Facebook that automatically got posted to my Twitter that suggested I check out this song ; P. I wasn’t a big fan of the original version by the Gossip but Fred Falke’s reinvention makes this song a very worthwhile experience, enjoy.

The Gossip – Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)