Chromeo – Night By Night


Finally, a new song from the only band that shares my affection for nice legs and speaks my language when it comes to girls.  For me, aside from the dance floor bangers, Fancy Footwork was a journey into the many intricacies of dating, loving and having fun with girls. This time around Chromeo address that stage of the relationship when you just don’t know if you want to keep things going but you do and have to deal with a few issues special to that time. Speaking truth in the most honest form Chromeo addresses the girls insecurities by telling her that deep inside he knows things will work out and in the mean time they should just have fun, give it some time and find some answers in one of the most reliable places – under the sheets. (via Green Label Sound)

She say’s I’m not romantic. I say she’s too dramatic. I tell her while we’re at it, we could work it night by night.”

I hear a lot of guys talk about their girl problems and how confusing they think girls are. If you ask me, any problems you have with girls can usually be fixed by just talking and of course some TLC. Sounds simple but there’s a little more to it, I’m not saying just talk about nonsense here you gotta get into it. You have to know your girl, what she’s thinking, what she’s worried about and you have to help the tenderoni understand that you care and want to fix things. The key for all you relationship rookies is understanding the problem from her point of view, not your own selfish needs. You can’t fake the funk though, when it comes to guys girls have some alien power that let’s them know everything just from your vibe, you might be able to lie a here and there and she’ll give you the benefit of the doubt if she likes you but believe me junior varsity lover, you ain’t fooling nobody. I don’t have time to really break it down but the girls know what I’m talking about. Without further ado here’s Chromeo’s new smash Night By Night, enjoy.

Chromeo – Night By Night