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Ben Folds – B*****s Ain’t S**t (Feat. Mr. Reynolds and Lin-Z)

Before hearing this I thought Ben Folds was the very antithesis of gangster, but a few years after graduating college I’ve finally learned the lesson my Liberal Studies 1 professor was trying to drill that whole semester, all is truly one.

B*****s Ain’t S*** is the tragic love story of a young Snoop Dogg who comes home to his girlfriend after 6 months of jail only to find out that the love of his life, his Mona Lisa, his Juliet or “main squeeze” was sleeping with his cousin Daz and doing all sorts of trickery. This is the one of the most beautiful renditions of what is probably the hardest love song ever made, enjoy.

Bitches can’t hang with the streets
She found herself short
Now she’s takin’ me to court
That’s some real conversation for your ass”

Ben Folds – B*****s Ain’t S**t (Feat. Mr. Reynolds and Lin-Z)


P.S. If you’re not familiar with the original it is a bonus track on Dr. Dre’s classic 1992 freshmen effort The Chronic.

  • Azarm

    props for this find.

  • HMJ

    "I uncocked my shit
    I'm heart-broke but I'm still loc'ed"

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  • Chris Parker

    Wasn't this put out in 2005?

    "In 2005, Ben Folds released a cover version of "Bitches Ain't Shit", which reached number 71 on the Billboard Hot 100."

  • aaron

    ripped off Dynamite Hack's "boyz in da hood"

  • HMJ

    Yes, it was released when my grandmother was a teenager – 2005.

    It's not a ripp off of Dynamite Hack, it's a similar concept, which in my opinion Ben Fold executed it a lot better.

  • etmusiquepourtous

    Didn't pick up the sarcasm either I see ; )

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