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Miami Horror – Sometimes

After a few notable remixes Benjamin Vanguarde aka Miami Horror has announced a debut album and released a new single that I can’t seem get enough of. I’ve said it before, when it comes to the whole electro-pop thing Australia has the game locked tight. I’ve heard some people say this sounds like Cut Copy and I can’t disagree but then again both acts are from Melbourne and artists inspire each other and that’s not a bad thing in my book.
Being half extreme realist and half fantasist I was completely taken on an adventure when listening to the songs lyrics. Addressing topics like youth, aging, doubt, discovery and adventure, this song represents that point when you see the light but can’t totally let go of the darkness.
I’m starting to realize that keeping your mind focused on the right things is one of the most challenging aspects of life one has to take on. Maintaining an awareness of both the good and the bad is a crucial part of maintaining balance in life, which to me means focusing on the bad is a crucial part of self-destruction. I’d write more about this but it’s lunch time and I’m starving so peace in the middle east, enjoy.
There’s something lurking from the shadows within
Stealing the colour and life from our skin
They fantasise fury at no extra cost,
Darkness approaches now we’re at a loss

Miami Horror – Sometimes


  • Michaela

    I'm a friend of MH and I agree this track does touch on the whole cut copy/new order thing, but from what i've hear the rest of the album is far from this. However just as amazing! 70's disco and a touch of pyschedlic pop. The Golden filter features on one track, you've gotta hear it!

  • "70's disco and a touch of pyschedlic pop." You just pushed my buttons Michaela. I can only imagine. BTW the video for this song is awesome.

  • stix

    yeah I've heard the Golden Filter track too and it's killer and Neon Indian is on a couple of tracks too but the real winner is this Melbourne kid Sam Lawrence who's like Antony and the Johnsons. Oh and it's Ben Plant (if anyone cares).

  • rod


  • fantastic disco poptastic sparklyness:+)xxx

  • G Money Flash

    This is where mike posner got his track… it all makes sense now

  • C’est tres bien! full of sunshiney goodness from down under!

  • steve

    c’est le shit, dope song