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Blossom Dearie – Just One of Those Things (Brazilian Girls Remix)

So late last night, Hec asked me to sort out a post for today. I believe “I’m Swayze. Off to bed. We need to post before 11:30am NYC time” were his exact words. As I was planning a post continuing my Mr. Scruff introduction to the wonder that is the Ninja Tune record label here in the UK, my morning lecture on Post Modernism pulled a fortunate serendipity on me. In the words of Andre 3000,

You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather.”

So for today, I think a dip into the post modern side of popular music would be an interesting way of starting your Thursday. It involves exploring an evolution and the constant reuse of the jazz standard, Just One Of Those Things.

The song is about a feeling most, if not all of us, are familiar with. It is common, between two individuals that once shared an intimate affair, for one of the two to suddenly lose interest after a few encounters. It is a simple fact of life that not all relationships were made to last. So to build on what Hec so beautifully suggested, the concept of thinking in seconds as opposed to the future or past, I would like to suggest that some affairs were made to be enjoyed in the spur of the moment. As my dear friend Pichi once said, don’t cry because its over fool, smile because it happened. Additionally, certain long lasted relationships should be brought to an end, regardless of how difficult it is to break it up. To quote Chris Martin,

Nobody said it was easy. Nobody said it would be this hard.”

Brazilian Girls – Just One of Those Things

Quickly skipping through history, we keep seeing this tune popping up time and time again. That fact itself tickled my interest during today’s lecture. How universal must this situation be that musical artists from radically different generations keep expressing their interpretations of Cole Porter’s gospel through their own musical persona. Lord knows I’ve had my fair share of uncomfortable scenarios where I can’t find the words to lay it down straight. He also knows I’ve found myself on the other side of this predicament more than once, mon coeur brisé entre mes mains. So the reiteration of these type of songs throughout musical history epitomizes the deep roots of this instant of human interaction. (The tune was originally written in 1935 by Cole Porter for the musical Jubilee, performed by the one and only Ella Fitzgerald. In 1958 Blossom Dearie gave the public her rendition of the song, using musical minimalism to bring outthe bass and the vocals in the tune. Having passed away to greener pastures in February of this year, I would like to pay my respects to this diva by encouraging all those unfamiliar with her work to get on it. By 2005, Brazilian Girls pumped the bass up to 11 and brought the tune to its most modern adaptation yet)

It was just one of those nights
Just one of those fabulous flights
A trip to the moon on gossamer wings
Just one of those things…
It was great fun but it was just one of those things.”

Further more, on a more academic note, Modern theory extrapolates that music within this realm should, either intentionally or not, always evoke a pastiche or parody of a genre, style or ideology, in itself breeding a critical approach to the musical art form. In other words, covers should make us think and focus more attentively on the lyrical content of certain songs. So on that note, I leave you with this eargasmic cover version to sooth your mid-week pressure valves as Christmas approaches. Enjoy