Ali Love – Diminishing Returns

First of all, I just found my new favorite song, this track is…

Hot like cajun, hotter than leaving holding work at the Days Inn,
With New York plates outside. Get up outta there, f*3k yah ride.” –
Jay-Z (1996, Reasonable Doubt)

I’m a huge Prince fan and can usually recognize when someone borrows half a note from him, sometimes it’s concealed and maybe even subjective but this one is incontrovertible. The bare verses and introduction, the chord progression, the drum patten, I mean this has “When Doves Cry” written all over and I absolutely love it. Though I’m actually surprise no one else has mentioned it.

This track was released last month and had an initial spark in the blogosphere but has fallen under the radar, I’m pretty sure that won’t be the case for long. I mentioned the bare verse but when all the instruments come in during that hook, wow, talk about something that will make a dance floor jump. We’re going to start throwing EMPT parties soon and I guarantee you this will be heavy in our rotation. And the lyrics… I love this line for so many reasons, I’ll talk about it some other time though…

The first one was the best, but way too fast…”

I’m not sure how you decide to take an economics concept and make it into a love song but man does this make sense. I won’t bore you with economics but in relation to this song/love, diminishing returns means that Ali found himself putting more and more  into his relationship and his girl just got more used to the attention and in turn he got less and less for his effort. I guess this is why they say being away from your lover can sometimes be better then anything you can do in their presence. A big part of what makes love exciting is the courtship, the chase, the mystery, the challenge and all the ups and downs so it’s only right that if you flood someone with the same thing it will eventually lose it’s value. Anyways, this is a great song, one my new favorites, enjoy.

You said you loved me, that’s a thing I never could earn. So I lost you to a chain of diminishing returns.

Ali Love – Diminishing Returns