Welcome to The Decade

I believe he’s too humble and shy to admit it, since it don’t need more attention than it already gets, but it was EMPT’s first birthday last november, n the sneaky site thought we wouldn’t notice. Properly set up with a spanking brand new server, EMPT has been bigger than ever, but smaller than it will be tomorrow.

So in honor to both the new year and our “EMPT is WE” philosophy, we write this post. I asked people from all over the globe to write a short review of their New Year’s eve experience in order to give you, the sine qua non of EMPT, a post lived by the people, written by the people and enjoyed by the people. Here is the result:

Daft Punk – Around The World (Kid Dub Remix)

Many of the people I emailed to write for this post replied the same thing: I didn’t do much on New Year’s. It was quite low key. Several messages along those lines lead to a personal epiphany: Are we finally reaching a moment in evolution where youngsters value the relaxed company of family and elderly relatives over a messy dressy tits-up celebration? Well, in my case, I’ve hit that point.
I’ve spent most of my “vacation” working my tiny penny-sized ass off for the epic cause that is our upcoming company. This meant I had less, if any time left to spend with my family. This being the case, I cancelled my trip to Acapunk (Acapulco for the layman) and decided to spend New Year’s with the family. A relaxed fire lit night with my grandmother and Co. has definitely been the most chilled celebration yet. Before my cousins dragged me out to a lush lounge party, that ended up being my cousin-in-law drinking me into a coma, I got a sober chance to warm up the heart beat by bobbing my head to what I believe is the best, if not the only, proper remix of a Daft Punk hit. Just when you thought Around The World could not get any better than their Alive version, in comes Kid Dub and drops his flapping fish. The dynamics of this song are damn straight crazy. I remember when I was leaving JFK airport, I was dancing my way across the terminal to this tune. Hope it has the same effect on the rest of the family.

As the clock ticked its skinny ruthless hand to twelve, my family and I shifted endlessly between two TV broadcasts: the official countdown from El Angel, Mexico City, and MTV2, showing the revolutionary 15 min. music video to Thriller. What a better way to end the year than to enjoy one of the King’s many gems! Well, in mexico, grandmother has shotgun over everything. So obviously, the final seconds focused on the official count down. Have it your way granny. In any case, ’twas an epic countdown all in all. Enjoy – JCOS, Cuernava, Mx.

Daft Punk – Around The World (Kid Dub Remix)

Justice – Live 2010

I opened the New Year in Sheffield, UK with a different crowd to the usual: a group of my friend’s friends aged 20-35, who brought kids… hence u can probably tell it wasn’t the sickest party ever, more of a low key fizzy wine tasting shindig. Although it was not the usual messy party, it was quite nice to bring in the New Year in style. Guess that means 2010 has to be the year I grow up, but that’s neither here nor there. The song selection got more and more random as the night progressed, it seems that everyone became a self-proclaimed DJ that night. We went from a bit of Deadmau5 to David Bowie to the Cure. The whole random mix of music wasn’t my thing. However, what did catch my eye… or ear was the Radio1 broadcast of the NYE gig at the O2 arena in London. This featured artists such as Deadmau5 and Justice, what I found to be a very satisfying way to bring in the fresh batch of 365 sunrises to come. As always, Justice does not disappoint. Guess you can’t go wrong with a bit of French electro! – Mike Krzywinski (Sunrise Sessions). Sheffield, UK

Justice – DVNO (Live M.O.S NYE Party)

Want the full length set? Get it here.

Frank Sinatra – New York New York (Chew Fu Big Room Fix)

Pour le nouvel an, Black Tiger Sex Machine réchauffait les platines du Velvet Speakeasy, le nouveau «hot spot» montréalais. Avec son look décontract, ses foyers remplis de bougies, ses murs de roches, ses poutres en bois et son ambiance lounge, cette boîte exclusive attire une clientèle très sexy : artistes, célébrités et mannequins. Un mot pour décrire notre soirée : champagne.
Côté musique: Fake Blood, Zombie disco Squad, Riva Starr, The Twelves, Duck Sauce, John Roman, Mansion, Louis La Roche…. Faut croire que 2010 marquera le retour en force du Disco et du Motown; je pense que tout le monde veut se remettre à danser. Et vous? – Julien Maranda (BTSM). Montreal, Ca.

Frank Sinatra – New York New York (Chew Fu Big Room Fix)

Deadmau5 – Ghosts n Stuff (Feat. Rob Swire)

I’m in Acapulco, b!@*ch! Ahh New Year’s Eve, what an amazing night. Currently on a trip with seven of my friends that has taken & will take us to acapulco, valle de bravo, and mexico city…we decided to go big or go home and throw down in Acapulco for NYE. Since we were staying with our friends’ family, in true mexican form we rang in the new year with the relatives.

We finished dinner at our quite amazing beach-front apartment just in time to pop the Perignon and fill 17 glasses for us all to toast the new year. The clock struck twelve, cheers were given, and then during the fireworks came the first song of the new year. This Time it was Deadmau5’s Ghosts n Stuff. This song will forever remind me of a great midnight, not to mention some of the best ravelishous moments of my nightlife.

Take it back to when she knows you’re doing it right.
Cause everybody else knows what they’re taking tonight.
Well I just want to play it right.
We are gonna get there tonight.”

Standing out on the patio, champagne in hand, roll in mind, and this time in ears…the true ravers began to dance up the New Year. At 1:30 in the a.m. we headed to PURE, a classy club in the city. With a good mix of the contemporary, the music ranged from Guetta to Pitbull. Our group of 13 danced the night away until “Hey, Good Morning, Watch the sun come up” [to reference one of my favorite EMPT posts] All in all, it was an epic NYE filled with tons of laughs, plenty of drinks, and endless dancing.

Here’s to finding your own soundtrack to harmonize what promises to be an amazing 2010. Live In Love. – Mei Ling. Acapulco, Mx.

Deadmau5 – Ghosts n Stuff (Feat. Rob Swire)

Sufjan Stevens – Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts

New Year’s Eve, a yearly occurrence that is the calendar equivalent of Marmite, some love it, some hate it. I really don’t see the fuss but I do love an excuse to hang out with my old friends and drink the night/ending year away. Oddly, the time leading to midnight seemed to aptly summarize the noughties. I was with my friends that I had made at the start of the decade; listening to music that I’ve listened to throughout the decade; being the person I’ve developed into over the decade; reminiscing about … the decade.It took me three attempts to settle down for the night. The first was on the grass in the garden, the second was on a chair outside, and the third was in a bed inside the shed. Whilst finally falling asleep for the third time, we listened to Sufjan Stevens. His utterly unique sound always fills me with sheer happiness and warmth. His song Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts makes reference to Superman and talks about decency between Man.

We celebrate our sense of each other/We have a lot to give one another “

This lyric made me think (whilst sharing the cold and a bed with three of my closest friends) that whilst we are imposingly surrounded by fear, terror and suffering; if you put your mind to it, it is possible to believe in good, beauty and love. – Alex Stead, UK

Sufjan Stevens – Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts

Kid CuDi – Up Up And Away (The Wake n Bake song)

To all you from the NYC Crew, who barely see as far as your noses n’ think it’s the whole world: thanks for sending us nothing. NBL” – EMPT

I’ll be up up and away. Cause they gonna judge me anyway, so whatever.”

Kid Cudi – Up Up and Away (The Wake & Bake Song)


So in the end, all we can say is ‘hey, let’s make of 2010 our space age playpen!’ Enjoy and thanks again for being present. And a special thanks goes out to all those who submitted their reviews. See you next year birds and boys. – Lil’ Jei