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Keedz – Stand On The Word

I remember when this track came out, I think it was summer of ’08 and there were all these conspiracy theories about Keedz being Justice in disguise etc. There’s no question this track was inspired by the French duo’s sample heavy dance style but weather or not Gaspard and Xavier are playing one big trick on everyone is inconsequential. The production on this track is so phenomenal that it’s a very special joint regardless of who made it. The sample used in this records is an ’80s gospel song performed by The Joubert Singers. The original Stand On The Word was recorded live in the First Baptist Church in Crown Heights, NYC in 1982, fresh. From communion to club, enjoy.

Keedz – Stand On The Word

  • grant

    this song is so good. But everytime I hear it i get pissed off that whoever made it never made more tracks. btw. quality is messed a bit.

  • hec

    Yeah these guys are a mystery, it’s sad but I kinda like the idea of making one song and retiring.

  • Enickel

    Now i know where that donovan- chord sample came from =D

  • Nib

    I think this version is rubbish, the production is so poor compared to larry levan remix.
    I saw that somebody was talking about the Donovan version, I think it’s far better cause the remix has an aim, this one don’t have any, sorry !

  • Pierre

    Chord et le rythme de D.A.N.C.E
    Un peu décevant, et pas toujours apréciable d’avoir a coupé les 5 premières secondes du morceau, car pourtant vous publier beaucoup de beaux morceaux

  • hec

    @ Nib. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • postmo

    100% Daccord avec Pierre.. on dirait un rip-off de D.A.N.C.E, bonne chanson tout de meme. et les 5 premières secondes sont très fatigantes

  • jeronimo

    @PIERRE OK. Ta tout droit a ton opinion. Mais il faut bien avouer que la reprise des chrodes ne costitue point un pastiche d’un morceau. C’est a dire, si c’etait le cas, des miliers de blues men ont alor copier les premier mec a ecrire un 1-4-5 un La mineur. D’autant plus, ils en existe un nombre limité d’arrangements dans le monde de la musique de l’ouest. Alors, certes, Keedz ont bien apliquer le style franco-electro, et je suis d’accord, les voix des gammins peuvent bien nous rappeler a D.A.N.C.E, mais il fo aller au de la du simple coup d’oreil. Il s’agit d’un arrangement completement different de dynamique et meme instrumentation. Alors je propose de laisser que la “decepsion” se transforme en decouverte. Alber Einstein said, to be a genius, all you need to do is hide your sources. I guess Keedz didn’t read much, but still. Great track, catchy like the flu, and thats that. Then again, just my opinion. Peyce

  • Daniel

    Things get completely ridiculous when it comes to this track.

    Point 1: people acting like it is a Justice rip-off, or Justice in disguise. To begin with, stop calling everything a rip-off. Music is, like every artform, a game of inspiration and reinterpretation. Secondly, that a children’s choir, a powerful electro beat and piano notes go well together is no secret. It’s been done for a long time, and just because Justice have done well with it doesn’t mean they have a patent on the style.

    Point 2: there is a huge confusion around the artists behind this track. The actual “Keedz – Stand on the Word” is not the track presented in this post, and really sounds not like it at all. The track posted here is the “Mima Radio Edit”, which you find out if you purchase at one of the digital download stores selling the tracks. Now, I don’t know whether that’s just a different edit by Keedz or a remix by someone else, but I would place my bets on the latter (there’s an unsigned electronic producer called Mima that has released again since). But you can’t really blame people for getting confused as Universal Music themselves seem to get it wrong more often than not, MTV has it mistagged, etc. What happens here is essentially Moloko’s Sing It Back and its Boris Dlugosch Musical Mix all over again (although in reverse, as personally I find the remix of Stand on the Word to be much more enjoyable than the original, in contrast to the Moloko case).

    Point 3: Keedz are not that mysterious. They even have a MySpace profile and post studio session clips on YouTube.

    In any case, this track (the version posted here) stands up really well and just works, goes along nicely with Larry Levan’s interpretation. But note that it’s not actually a remix of the 1982 (?) original, nor does it sample it (except in the official video). All vocals and instruments are original recordings. It’s just a shame that the mastering is so atrociously bad. Even on the promo CD it is mastered so loudly that the drop lacks any real punch. Too sad, I hope this gets a decent release one day (I don’t think there was ever a vinyl record made of this, was there?)

  • Daniel

    Just in case anyone was wondering, this is the mix that, everywhere I saw these things up for sale, was labelled as the original “Keedz – Stand on the Word”:

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  • This has gotta be Justice…