TV On The Radio – Family Tree

There was a lot of fan backlash when TV On The Radio’s latest album Dear Science was released. People were complaining that the album deviated too much from their previously more experimental, challenging work. All that needs to be said about that is  Family Tree.

This song is about a love that is restrained by one of those dated and ridiculous ideas like you can only marry someone of the same creed, race etc. It blows my mind how people follow these “life templates” and make decisions based on ideals that have nothing to do with their individual needs. Sometimes trying to find our identity through others forces us to be narrow-minded, a practice that will lead to dissatisfaction and problems that can only be solved through perspective.

I see in 20/20, I’m a visionary. I scope in panoramic, I see the bigger picture. You stuck in tunnel vision, I send them boys to get yah..” – G.O.V.

Anyways, Family Tree is an amazing production from start to finish. The lyrics are incredible and represent a very important subject that shouldn’t be ignored. As many of you know, I am on a crusade against dated thinking and anything that limits our potential and experience so listen to this and free your mind of lameness, enjoy.

TV On The Radio – Family Tree