Nora – Quite et Recall

I try to stay on top of the Swedish music scene these days simply because 45 percent of the new artist I like just happen to be out of the Nordic country. My latest muse is Nora, is a 22-year old singer from Stockholm, shocker. Nora and her brother made the transition from folkpop to a more electronic sound in the summer of ’09 which led to them being chosen as “artist of the month” P3Lab, the Swedish National Radio show.

I’m looking out my window as I always do when writing these post and all I can see is white. Living in a sky rise is awesome for the simple fact that the weather is so much more intense which in turn makes music more intense.Were in the middle of some serious snow right now and all I can see are big snow flakes with no sight of the rest of the world…

Outer space, it’s so beautiful…” – Heero Yuy

Recall and Quite are my favorite Nora song’s right now and they couldn’t be more appropriate for this rainy Tuesday morning. Recall has an incredible chorus that’s about finding some new love but finding that it never really lives up to the one that’s gone. The production is very tasteful and well done, the feeling is authentic and the songs are real, I dig.

It’s good but never the same, never really the same.”

Nora was recently signed by Playground Music so expect some noise from these new blood in 2010. Check out her myspace for more music. I didn’t hear a bad song, enjoy.

Nora – Quiet

Nora – Recall (Suck Shaft Remix)