Tiga – What You Need (Chromeo Remix)

Here I am on iTunes spending all my money on music as usual when, lo and behold, I find a new Chromeo remix of Tiga’s What You Need, fresh. Last Gang Records released a deluxe version Ciao! on iTunes yesterday featuring this remix and two others by A-Track and Steve Aoki, the Chromeo version is definitely my favorite. The track is heavy on the bass and has the usual satisfaction guaranteed flare of any Chromeo dance joint.

I don’t really mind could sit here while you tell me about your diet.
Guess I’ll just be pondering if you’re the type that really loud at night.
I got what you need baby…

In the track Dave P is talking to a girl he already knows gets around the block but she’s making him go through the motions trying to put up the innocent front some girls like to play when they meet someone new.

All warfare is based on deception.” – Sun Tzu

I talk to G.O.V. all the time about the similarities of love and war and how girls are akin to incredible strategist when it comes to love. It’s a very interesting conversation and I’d love to get into it but there’s too much to do but we’ll get into it soon, enjoy.

Tiga – What You Need (Chromeo Remix)