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Sebastien Tellier – Look

G.O.V. has a controversial taboo-shattering song called Seventeen in which he talks about a risqué relationship he had with a young lolita and the awkwardness it caused in his life. He recently performed that song at a showcase all I could do is laugh to myself when I saw the shock in peoples faces when he sung the chorus…

And baby I do promise 52 weeks it’s me and you as co-co pilots chasing the galaxy.
We’re so environmental smokin’ the finest green,
I shouldn’t be around you, you’re only Seventeen.”

I thought that was controversial until I found out that Serge Gainsbourg did an entire concept album in 1971 called Histoire de Melody Nelson about an affair he had with a lolita-esque female, I love it I mean that’s messed up man! Sex sells because it’s a beautiful thing and quite simply we’re all horny bastards. However, it’s rare to have sexually themed music that also offers high levels of sophistication and artistic quality. Histoire de Melody Nelson is that rare find, I highly recommend it.  That brings me to the modern incarnation of Serge, Sebastien Tellier and his bachelor pad classic Sexuality. His record label recently released a video for Look which is pretty much a close up of a girls tooshie for approximately 4 minutes, nothing wrong with that. I like this guy Tellier, I like the way he thinks…

“In my own sexual fantasies I always think about women in sportswear. I like women in sports pants and prefer peeling them off women to lifting up their skirts.”

If you’re a guy or girl in a relationship reading this take notes, if you have a fantasy stop holding it in your head and do it. A lot of people in relationships and separate fantasy from reality and then wonder why things get boring.

Ni$&as sour, they put too much flour in they coke and got the nerve to wonder why they broke.” – Nas (The Set Up, 1996)

Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot wrote a song in 2000 with a very profound message, one many people over looked because of it’s misleading simplicity. It is a message that will enhance your sexual adventures tenfold and inspire you to make your fantasies a reality and in turn live a happier and more fulfilling sex life, that message is… Get Your Freak On, enjoy.

Sebastian Tellier – Look

  • After watching the clip for “Kilometer”, you realize that there’s a pattern in his videos…

  • hec

    Yeah there is… Girls

  • nat

    Great blog, I stop by from hypem about once a week to hear what you’ve put up.

    One small thing in your post, think you meant ‘risqué’ instead of riskay. lol

  • Also, that Nas quote is about adding flour, not flower, to coke (cocaine) to weaken it, allowing you to increase both supply and demand. So….a bit out of context here.

    • hec

      The reference to the quote is about doing something stupid and then having the nerve to complain. Nas doesn’t say that in a positive light, when you laec your product with flour it becomes inferior so you’re cheating your customers and then having the nerve to wonder why they aren’t coming back.
      I said, you wonder why your sex life is boring when you’re the reason.

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