Montauk – Speed Of Light

I barely have time to check my inbox anymore but I did so yesterday and man was it worth while. I found a submission by a band named Montauk announcing their song Holiday which was pretty good and led me to their Myspace, and that’s when I ran into the subject of today’s post Speed Of Light. All the songs I heard are pretty good but this is fantastic and it seems like no one is even looking its way, except for EMPT that is…

I can’t stop looking, I can’t stop now…

The track sounds like a classic and has this feeling of mellow hope that I can’t get enough of, I’m not sure why they’re not promoting this instead. I did some research on these guys and it turns out their from Sweden, big surprise. I might move over to Sweden to start making music, there’s gotta be something in that water. I know this song is about a girl but whenever someone throws in big concepts like the Speed Of Light I get carried away and go into these extravagant sci-fi day dreams that make the the song much bigger then it probably is, love it.

I pushed the Dear Summer mixtape release back because it just doesn’t feel like summer yet but rest assured this will be another track on it. Et Musique Pour Tous favorite, enjoy.

Montauk – Speed Of Light