Ratatat – Drugs/Alps

Looks like the guitar-shredding, bass thumpin’, globe trotting, big beat making duo Mike Stroud and Evan Mast collectively known as are Ratatat is back with a new album called LP4 and it bumps. According to the band, LP3 was intended to be a teaser for this new album since they were both recorded at the same time and in the same studio.

“I remember thinking before we went up there, ‘I’ll be happy if we come home with five songs,'” he recounts. “We came home with 30.”

Still Evan and Mike would assure that this one is much “weirder.” The album was recorded at Old Soul Studios up in Catskill, NY, the studio which represents the bands growth and departure from home studio laptop producers to endless experimentation and creative use of instrumentation.

“For me, when I hear a record and I know exactly what’s going on, you know, it’s boring,” he says. “Like ‘Oh, that’s that instrument and that’s how they’re playing it, and blah blah blah.’ It’s like not a challenge. It’s always exciting for me to hear something that [makes] you stop and be like, ‘Whoa, what is that?'”

I guess that explains why their music is sounds so simple on the surface but still has an intense level of entertainment and replay value. The album isn’t due for another month but here are a few tracks to get your fix, enjoy.

Ratatat – Drugs

Ratatat – Alps