KiD CuDi

CuDi was at our last Noctambule party which I haven’t really gotten a chance to talk about with all the bizz going on. The party was a success, the place was packed but the damn AC blew out at The Eldridge which made it hard to stay inside for too long. Thanks to everyone that stopped by, we’ll be doing it again soon so stay tuned.

I’ve been somewhat neglecting the martian lately so I thought this would be a good opportunity to catch up. I can’t listen to it all the time because I’m a strong believer in only focusing on positive thoughts but CuDi’s melancholic somewhat depressing never fails to entertain and get the thoughts flowing. Here are two of my favorites that were released in the last couple of months, as much as I’d love to chat about it I have to run so kick back, listen to the lyrics and embrace the martian.

KiD CuDi – Cudderisback (Feat. Vampire Weekend)

KiD CuDi – The Prayer