Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – The Whispers et Mobb Deep

For all those sample heads that read these posts check out this Complex Magazine’s writeup; “The 50 Greatest Samples of all Time.” Mobb Deep’s involvement in the East/West feud of the mid-nineties is no secret.  In an alleged, but pretty clear response to 2Pac, the group decided to “Drop A Gem On ‘Em” for the promo single off of their soon to drop album Hell On Earth.  It was recorded and given initial airplay while Pac was still alive, but when the album officially released he had already passed.  As you would expect, the threatening and cryptic lyrics caused controversy after 2Pac’s death.

I had the whole New York State aiming at your face…:

Not many producers are as on point as Havoc when it comes to turning a straight loop into a classic record.  He lifted the intro piano off a dirty vinyl of  “Can’t Help But Love You” by The Whispers, and that was that.  To me, the snare makes the record unique.  Their early stuff is just so tough…it’s the Infamous Mobb.

The Whispers – Can’t Help But Love You

Mobb Deep – Drop A Gem On ‘Em

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