Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – William Bell and Mavis Staples et Cam’ron

On friday night, I rolled to CV Lounge with my brother Scram Jones while he did his DJ thing, and shut down the club as usual.  Around 2 a.m. Kanye came through and played 4 records from his new album. The music was inspiring, and the vibe in the small lounge was very unique, and dare I say “sexy.”  After Plain Pat dropped the new records, he then played a set of Rocafella classics, including many Kanye productions.  The music took over completely, as Yeezy, Kid Cudi, and many others sang each song word for word, creating an incredible energy throughout the club.  It was a celebration of good music, and I popped out of the booth for a minute to be a part of it.  The moment that stuck in my head besides the new Kanye records, was during the Yeezy and Cam collabo, “Down & Out.”

Kanye provides the hook, and the beat of course.  Move forward to the 1:33 mark of “Strung Out Over You” and you will hear the segment used for the intro of the song.  The sample builds up until the beat drops with two horn stabs.  Yeezy chops things up to perfection to create the main section of the beat which flips back and forth between two separate 2 bar pieces.  Cam’ron gives the song that Harlem swag, and Syleena Johnson lends her voice to the hook to complete the record.  Now that Killa Cam is back on the scene, I would love to hear another project with him and Kanye.  Its that 1970’s heroin flow.

William Bell & Mavis Staples – Strung Out Over You

Cam’ron ft. Kanye West – Down & Out

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