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Fred Falke – 909 PM At The Beach

You know it’s unfortunate that certain sayings become cliché because it’s in the simplest most overused expressions that we can find the most truth. The one I find that we always take for granted is life is what you make it. We put ourselves though a lot of headaches and get in bad modes when certain things come our way but in the process we are denying our power to create our reality. It’s very easy to blame external forces for how we feel but letting something external affect us and cloud our perspective is a choice we make. I’m rambling about all this because there’s something about this song that makes me think limitlessness, imagination and creativity. These days I find myself unlearning a lot of concepts like being mad and searching for a better ways to keep my mind focused on the productive and good feeling alternative. Life is short and life is beautiful, when you keep that in mind you realize there’s not much value in focusing on things that make you think otherwise. This is a very inspiring instrumental, enjoy.

Fred Falke – 909 PM At The Beach

  • Aaron D.

    I disagree with everything you say in this post (though the track is bangin’). Between biological determinism and the large life events we have no control over (earth quakes, cancer, disease, meteors, etc.) we have very little control over our lives. Most of life is toil and pain, the beauty you speak of is an illusion. Continue living that illusion. As the saying goes: Ignorance is Bliss.

  • hec

    Life is what you make it.

  • The beauty isn’t an illusion- the beauty exists everywhere.

    Life is unpredictable and tragic- but regardless, focus on the positive. Keep moving forward.

    Lovin’ the blog, lovin’ the song.

  • Pete’s Got Fat Meat

    Shouldn’t it be 8.08pm?

  • Luke Duke

    live in the moment. if you didn’t endure pain, you most certainly wouldn’t appreciate pleasure. it’s a lemon of life but no one said anything had to be fair, every one of us experience a different path through life. some of us grab the reins and hold on for the ride and some of us giddy up!


    I’m with Pete, I think it should be 8:08pm. Amazing track though!

  • hec

    I think 8:08 PM is a different song.

  • Chuck

    To Aaron D.,

    Biological determinants and macro-events do seem to map out the route that our lives take. The difference between biological makeups of individuals,IMHO, is derived from the perception of events. Any single event can be a ‘success’ or ‘failure’ according to past events and to the general societal opinion, but any failure can be labeled a success by the participant, and vice versa depending on perception. Hence, “Life if what you make it”. I do not mean to make this a philosophical discussion, I’m just agreeing that this song evokes a sort of ‘reset’ for perception, at least for me.

  • T

    it should be 8.08

  • Fids

    The waves sample at the start of the track is becoming a cliche. Still like the track though.

  • Hank

    Aaron has a point. Perception is not everything. Just because your perception effects the way you see things does not mean your perception alone dictates reality.

  • hec

    That’s correct but my point is that we underestimate our power to manipulate and create reality. So many people speak of reality as this concrete tangible object but it’s not.

  • Aaron D.

    I agree that we have control over our perception and futhermore it is adaptive to make that subjective perception optimistic but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s realistic. An objective view of reality will be “pessimistic” and “deterministic” because the reality of the human condition is grim.

  • Aaron D.

    Hence: Ignorance is Bliss