Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – The Sweet Inspirations et Ghostface

As far as Wu-Tang solo albums go, I would have to say that Supreme Clientele is among the top 3. The beats are crazy throughout, and although RZA only produced 4 tracks, you can hear his overall influence as executive producer.  His hand in the mixing helped the production from lesser known beat-makers achieve the certified Shaolin sound.  Sonically it is a true Wu-Tang album, achieved through a solo project, as was the case with Only Built For Cuban Linx.  Supreme Clientele was released in 2000, but clearly carried over the energy that was 90’s New York hip-hop.

“One” was produced by JuJu, and is simply made up of a loop from the 1:04 point of “You Roam When You Don’t Get it At Home” ending with the one. Using the same sample in a more involved way, one of my partners Dub Sonata created a track for a Double A.B. record based on a true story called “Dedication.”  Dub makes use of some other high potent segments, such as 0:46 which has the title of the song being sung first as a solo, second with harmony (he uses both parts).  Listen for small vocal chops from 0:11 and 0:16 being blended in at various moments, plus the sequence at 0:25 to switch things up arrangement wise.  To top it all off, Dub uses the one sample to end each hook.  Get all that? I’ll refrain from explaining the other ten chops he used.  That’s why he’s one of the illest when it comes to the samples. His full-instrumental album, Nights In Cuba comes out on iTunes this fall.

Sweet Inspirations – You Roam When You Don’t Get it At Home

Ghostface – One

BONUS: Double A.B. – Dedication [prod. Dub Sonata]