Maps & Atlases – Pigeon

I have a gem for you guys today, I can’t stop listening to this song but there are specific listening instructions you must follow to get the most out of this treasure… Press play but DO NOT FAST FORWARD, it’s very important that you let this song develop. Whoever produced this created a beautiful arrangement and it was intended to surprise and delight. Trust me, when the bass and percussion come in at 1:17 turn it up, you’ll be glad you waited.

Chicago based Quartest Maps & Atlases has been touring, releasing 4 EPs and performing forever but two weeks ago they finally released their full length called Perch Patchwork. Pigeon is the first release from the album and it’s fantastic. The track is a dream, a quirky fun dream that takes place on an island. This is an island of brutally honest dry emotion, something like the Royal Tennebaums…

Eli: I’m not in love with you any more.
Margot: I didn’t know that you ever were.
Eli: Let’s not make this any more difficult than it already is.

It’s been a long time since I heard a love song that made me think and this one got me going. Trying to explain what this song makes me feel contradicts the bittersweet symphony so I’ll leave you with the lyrics…

And you were the proudest thing I’d ever seen, And you were the proudest thing I’d ever seen
And I knew that I couldn’t say a thing… “

I’d love to say more but I still can’t say a thing. The guitar lick, the arrangement, the vocal performance, the feeling, the message, I mean everything on this track is the real deal. Modern classic, enjoy.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell oh exactly what it means…”

Maps & Atlases – Pigeon