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Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly

We can fly, come on let’s try… We’re boys and girls, who rule the world…”

I can’t actually confirm it but this song might have been produced on a beach somewhere in Ibiza at 4 am.  We Can’t Fly was ironically produced by a band called Aeroplane, which is two dudes hailing from Belgium who gained notoriety in the underground through some pretty epic remix’s of Grace Jones, Friendly Fires, Das Pop, Lindström, MGMT and more. However, most people will know them through the now classic remix of Breakbots Baby I’m Yours we posted a while back. With such an impressive track record it’s hard to believe they haven’t released an official album to date but fret not they’ll be releasing their first LP in September and if this first single is any indication of the quality you can expect some fire. I think these guys may be suffering from The Twelves disease which means everything they touch pretty much turns to gold. I mean We Can’t Fly is one of the coolest productions I’ve heard in a while. It’s mixing at least five different genres and captures a feeling I can’t get enough of. These guys wen’t all out in the arrangement so make sure to let the track play out, it makes it that much more interesting.

We can fly, or kiss the sky. So long, bye bye…

There aren’t many lyrics in the song but the repetitive reminder that we can do anything works for me. Limitlessness, that’s my mantra and this epic production compliments it just fine, enjoy.

Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly

  • Huge fan of their remixes and monthly mix charts
    Sadly, they broke up a month ago or so. Aeroplane has only one wing now (hihi). Apparently the other guy goes by the name “The Magician”

  • Steph

    aeroplane is one of my faves <3. aeroplane <3. the twelves <3. breakbot <3. love love.

  • RamoneRamone

    really great song. Missed an opportunity to see them when they came to T.O. I still regret it!

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  • Laba diena,Man 58 metai. Paskutiniu metu pasidarÄ— didelis skirtumas (matomumas)tarp abiejų akių. NeÅ¡ioju akinius, kuriuos pirkau „Rega“ gal prieÅ¡ 3 metus ir viskas buvo gerai. dabar regÄ—jimas viena akimi labai blogÄ—ja. Ar teikiate konsultacijas ir ar parenkate akinius tokiais atvejais? Ar Å¡iais klausimais priima gydytoja E.DanielienÄ—, ar ji gydo tik vaikų akių ligas?AčiÅ«.