Mark Ronson – Lose It (In the End) (Feat. Ghostface Killah)

So far the tracks released from Mark Ronson’s latest effort Record Collection have all been nothing short of classic. I posted Circuit Breaker back in May and was holding off on Bang Bang Bang till the next record hit the streets and with the release of Lose It the time is now. Ronson is one of my favorite producers for a plethora of reasons but mainly for his gift for seamlessly blending the old and the new, the analog and the digital, the classic and the you get the idea.

Without getting too technical, the advances in recording technology have led to some great improvements in the way sound is captured but as with everything that has come at a cost and a pricey one if I might add. With new age digital recording we’ve lost the equiptment that added a certain amount of distortion and harmonics to the music that we would later find out was very desirable to our ears. Anyways, if you listen to any of Ronsons productions and wonder why his sound is so different it’s because he makes it a point to use that vintage gear and capture the energy and sound so many of the classic records have. I’ve already written about this and you should spend your time listening to this new age old school, enjoy.

Mark Ronson – Lose It (In the End) (Feat. Ghostface Killah)

Mark Ronson – Bang Bang Bang (Feat. MNDR and Q-Tip)


Mark Ronson – Bang Bang Bang (U-Tern’s Disco Dub)