Amanda Blank – Shame On Me (Viking Remix)

This rain thing is starting to get old so I’m posting something that still fits the mood but keeps things moving. I actually wanted to play this Viking remix at our Foundation party last weekend but the crowd was pretty much only responding to Top 40 radio so I was limited in the EMPT stuff I could play. Anyways, it is what it was and we’re back on the scene tonight at Le Souk so stop by if you want to hear a little EMPT loud and live, the info is.

Le Souk Harem
10 PM – 4 AM
510 Laguardia Place
Music by Hector Mendoza Jr & Kevin Casey

A lot of you will know Viking from his remix of Kid CuDi’s Dat New New which we posted back in in ’09, check it out here if you haven’t already, it bangs. Most of you will know Amanda Blank from her work with Spank Rock but more likely through her playgirl anthem Might Like You Better. The song that says when personality isn’t enough to convince you if you like a someone, sleep with them:

I might like you better if we slept together…”

Whether you agree with the very 2010 Amanda Blank philosophy this version of Shame On Me is classic Viking. I had Amanda’s album for months and never listened to the song but when this remix came out I was all over it. The lyrics are great too and I’d love to talk about them but I have to get ready for this party, send out some Hear No Evil proposals and do a million other things before tonight so press play and fight the rain, enjoy.

Amanda Blank – Shame On Me (Viking Remix)