Crystal Fighters – In The Summer (Picture House’s ‘Summer In The Balearics’ Mix)

I’ve been hearing some people talking crazy about how excited they are for winter. Let me put it on the record, I do not share those feelings and though I look forward to spring and maybe early fall I have zero to negative 2 interest in the New York City winter, maybe for a few days upstate but that about it. That said, I’m off to Long Island this weekend and wanted to post this fantastic beach made remix of Crystal Fighters’ In The Summer. The feeling you get when listening to this song is euphoric, I mean with the right state of mind and music like this around you can mess around and take over the world.

I love music for many reasons but one of them is the power it has to capture you and make you enjoy the little things about the moment at hand. I was having a conversation with my friend Roy yesterday about how we tend to worry about things that have little or nothing to do with the reality we actually live in. What your doing now, not now but right now, that’s your life, I would definitely get up from wherever you are and take a walk to think about that. I can’t spend to much time on the subject but Roy put me on to a quote that says it all:

This moment is your life…”

Alright I have a meeting with Darren Kapahi, the mastermind behind my Hear No Evil logo and I have to get ready for South Hampton all in the next few hours so get some friends, get out of the concrete jungle, put on those bathing suits, grab drink and kick it to this gem, EMPT loves you, enjoy.

Life is inspiration. if at the moment, my life is you, then you’re my inspiration for the moment…” – Roy Perez

Crystal Fighters – In The Summer (Picture House’s ‘Summer In The Balearics’ Mix)