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Conspiracy of Owls – Ancient Robots

I be up all night..
Whole crews in here,
Cause I don’t really know who I’mma lose this year…” – Drake

We threw a secret Noctambule party last night, so needless to say I was up forever which explains the extremely late start today. Tonight is going to be no different so I needed something relaxed to get me through this recovery and Ancient Robots couldn’t fit the bill better.  Conspiracy of Owls is a Detroit based Rock group with a love for the 70’s like no other.  I take it this song is a metaphor for people (robots) who spend their entire lives mindlessly working for others and never really gaining ownership.  I guess an ancient robot is an old person whose somehow never escaped the trap and continues to work till his/her dying day.  Fantastical metaphors and ambiguity was a very popular song writing style back in the day so it’s nice know these guys took note of all the details in their inspiration. Whatever it means, there’s no denying the amazing feel and relaxed nature of this song.  I’ll be adding this to all my morning playlist for sure, enjoy.

Conspiracy of Owls – Ancient Robots

  • Luke Duke

    HEC – Where’s the spot at tn? I emailed you kid…