Tony Touch – What’s That? (Que Eso) (feat. Mos Def & De La Soul)

I was always traveling as a youngin’ so I didn’t exactly have a lot of free time on my hands. However, every now and then I had a month or two long pit stop in NYC that I would spend fearlessly tearing up the city in my BMX. Long story short I was reckless, cutting off cabs, bunny hopping curbs, cutting through crowds at full speed, jumping stairs, showing off for girls I never talked to, I mean looking back now I’m surprised I never broke any bones or got hit by a car or something. This has little relevance for todays post except that it reminded me of Tony Touch’s The Piece Maker, the album that was pretty much my soundtrack back in the day.

Tony Touch is a DJ from NYC who had some pretty good recognition in the 90’s Hip Hop circuits. The album as a whole is raw but the one song that stuck with me was the feature with Mos Def and De La Soul called What’s That? (Que Eso). In this classic braggadocios hip hop track all the emcees are giving thoroughly explaining why their style is so good, I love it. What’s really fresh about this song is though is how Mos Def efforlessly raps effortlessly raps in Spanish and English…

Understand that when I shine all your light is through, yall ni%*@s wack in one language son I’m nice in two…”

The beat for this track is extremely weird but the perfect canvas for lyricism, you don’t hear too many of those these days. Alright, not much else to say about this, just one of those rare but dope tracks that never made it anywhere near the mainstream or underground for that matter, enjoy.

I’m from NYC so see why in me, there’s a lot hustlin found around my chi…

Tony Touch feat. Mos Def & De La Soul – What’s That? (Que Eso?)