Noctambule – Halloween Eve

That’s right fools, Daria means one thing around these parts, we’re having a party! The whole EMPT team has been traveling, restructuring and simply working hard since the end of summer so this one’s long overdue. I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people asking when the next bash was taking place and I’ve been too busy to respond to everyone but we’re back so let’s get it going!

As usual, we’ll be taking care of the music and doing our best to make it a dance party to remember. It is Halloween and while costumes aren’t required they certainly are welcomed. I’m not big into dressing up myself but I certainly can’t get enough of the crazy outfits people put together so feel free to join the madness.

In order to attend you’ll need to RSVP at and enter 667 as the event code. Once you do that you’ll receive all the information you need to join the fun.

Simian Mobile Disco – I Believe