Adam Kesher – Gravy Train (Blackjoy Disco Version)

I’ve been addressing my time management issues this week and it’s working so well that I actually got a chance to check the submissions inbox for a change, something I haven’t been able to do consistently in a long time. EMPT grown so much that it’s at the point where I either sit on my ass thinking about how great it’s doing or I fix all the kinks, step it way up and take it even further. I think I’ll go with the second option so expect more coming out of this site, expect bigger and better events and if you’re competition expect me to be up in the morning everyday doing more than I can to make this blog the undisputed champ-ion.

The kids about business but what can you tell the beast? Picture me down, I’m up like I fell asleep!” – J.R. Writer

One of the most impressive submissions I found is the new Adam Kesher single Gravy Train which is set to be released on November 15th. The Blackjoy Disco remix is one of those tracks perfect for poolside hanging out, specifically in LA at the Mondrian at about 3 PM, all my EMPT LA people know what I’m talking about. I don’t know what people do in Hollywood but every time we stay at the Mondrian there’s ALWAYS a bunch of people hanging out at the pool, it doesn’t matter what time, day or hour it is, there’s just always people cold chillin’, you gotta love it. I’m clearly having withdrawal in the face of this NYC coldness but I’ll survive.

Anyways, though it sounds like a one man operation Kesher is a band and their upcoming LP was produced by Chromeo’s Dave One so we already know to expect good quality coming out of this project. Here’s the official press release…

Explosive French indie/electro crossover band Adam Kesher release their ‘Gravy Train’ single/remix EP in the UK on November 15th. Produced by Dave One of Chromeo with input from Zdar, A-Trak and Pierrick Devin, their new material sees them refining and crystalising their sound.

Taken of their brilliant new album ‘Challenging Nature’, slated for UK release in spring 2011, this EP offers a taste of Kesher’s latest brilliant mashing together of indie-rock and electro.

The band have shared stages with bands as diverse as Phoenix, Deerhunter, Cassius, Digitalism, Busy P, Surkin and Bobmo, and have been remixed by Don Rimini (Delicious Vinyl), Strip Steve (Boyz Noize), Yuksek, The Shoes, Snack & Cmish, Numéro and Passions.

Adam Kesher have been huge news on the continent for a while now, and this latest incarnation is sure to propel them to new heights on UK shores.

I have this remix on repeat right now and will probably for the next hour or so. From the looks of things this LP is going to be worth while, I’ll stay on top of it and post anything new, enjoy.

Adam Kesher – Gravy Train (Blackjoy Disco Version)