Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Barclay James Harvest et Mobb Deep

Sometimes I feel I gotta… Better Way?… (I’ll get to that later).  Mobb Deep’s fifth album Infamy came onto the scene with the street single “Burn”, a record that still in the right New York venue will get things pretty hype.  At the time of Infamy’s release, M-O-B-B was coming off a very publicized diss from Jay-Z, and a few off the records including “Burn” were perceived as responses to Hov.  The album gave the fans the street shhh they expected, but also widened the group’s sound with track’s like “Hey Luv”, which sonically was unlike anything we had ever heard from the duo.  Whether the risk of “Hey Luv” helped or hurt the group, its hard to say, but one thing that is clear is that they gave us a true Mobb Deep classic with “Get Away”.  On a few occasions, when asking people their favorite track on Live From New York… the response was “Get Away”.  There is something uniquely cinematic about the record that made it a standout, even amongst some of the best tracks in it’s era.

Although for years I thought it was Alchemist, it was actually producer EZ Elpee that dug out the crack loop off of Barclay James Harvest’s 1977 album Gone To Earth. The four bars starting at 0:16 in “Taking Me Higher” needed to only be sped up slightly to give Elpee the foundation for a spooky beat. Taking it back to the first sentence of the post, the lyrics of the sample actually say “a BETTER WAY”, but even when listening closely to the track, there is little to no audible difference between the two phrases. Bottom line is… it works.  The hi hats are very dominant in the mix, and were sequenced in the beginning of the record to give “Get Away” it’s signature intro. Their heart is the hood.

Barclay James Harvest – Taking Me Higher

Mobb Deep – Get Away

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