Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Tom Scott et Pete Rock & CL Smooth

This is the One Year Anniversary of Sample Saturday… and a very special one at that.

This past week I lost a friend of mine that I grew up with, went to school with, worked at Applebee’s with… and built a lot of unique memories with.  On Monday after his funeral service I spent hours with other mutual friends, reminiscing over his life, and telling our favorite stories of time spent together. The song “The Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)” pays respect to Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s lost friend Troy who they lost in 1990.  Pete Rock told the Village Voice in 2007 that it was in the days after his friend’s passing that he came across the Tom Scott sample, and that certain elements in the record sounded so beautiful to him that it actually made him cry.  He went ahead and completed the track on the spot, turning out to be his best known, and undisputedly one of the most classic hip hop records of ALL-TIME.  As we all know, raw emotions can bring about some of the best material when writing music, and in this case Pete Rock shows us also when making beats.  “They Reminisce Over You” will always be widely associated with losing loved ones, and showing love to one’s family and friends.

Pete Rock says he started with the bass line of “Today”, and then scanned the record for other sounds to use.  Somewhere during this search he came across one of the most well-known loops in hip-hop, which starts at the 1:37 mark.  Pete Rock is known for finding the dopest horn chops, so sonically this was right up his alley.  The loop holds down the hook, and echoes out as the verses come in.  The intro is a sample from “When She Made Me Promise” by The Beginning of The End.  It makes me happy to see Pete Rock still making an impact today, especially with his recent work “The Joy” with Kanye and Jay-Z.  I have met CL Smooth several times and he is a genuinely cool dude… interviews like this recent one with Pete Rock give me the impression that he is too.  Much love to anyone else mourning the loss of a friend… we reminisce.

::: R.I.P. Miles Everest Dale :::

Tom Scott – Today

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – The Reminisce Over You

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