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Mr. Little Jeans – Rescue Song (RAC Remix)

I might as well just have a special section of EMPT dedicated to RAC remixes, these dudes are running a tight ship – producers take note. This time around the collective is remixing Norwegian singer/song writer Monica Birkenes aka Mr. Little Jeans who got her name from that little indian dude in Rushmore.

I don’t know much about Birkeness expect that she is in fact very little, 161 centimeters and she comes from a very small maritime town on Norway’s Southern Coast. Her vocals are about as soft and sultry as you can get without whispering and her production tends to be a very appropriate opposite. Alright, I’m working on a new mixtape with Kevin Casey that we’ll be releasing next week so I can’t stay and chat but vibeout to yet another fantastic subtle RAC production perfect for a rainy day.

Mr. Little Jeans – Rescue Song (RAC Remix)

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