The Rapture – Get My Self Into It

There’s been a lot going on lately. My college roommate GoodWill produced that Justin Beiber song Latin Girl which got leaked, we’re getting more and more music branding clients, I’m producing the new G.O.V. project, working on a great new artist called Mollz, spent the weekend finishing up a new mixtape with Kevin Casey and that’s just the beginning. So excuse the sparcity of posts as of late but with all these things on the horizon it’s hard to sit down and write these days. However, all it takes is a good song to get me going so when iTunes shuffled to the 2006 Rapture single, I had to make my way to the computer.

There’s not much to this song except for a great drum beat, good vibes and a bittersweet mantra…

Gotta get myself into, gotta get myself into it, why not help me do it…”

If you have to go to work early on Mondays I would find this a very useful mantra, enjoy.

The Rapture – Get My Self Into It

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