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Amadou And Mariam – Sabali (Miike Snow Remix)

Steph used the original version of Sabali waaaay back in the now infamous mai 2009 (The Lost Tape) installment of Le Miel du Mois. I remember not knowing what to think when I first heard the track but being completely captured by the emotion and vibe. The blind couple from Mali recently dropped a 13 song remix album featuring a pretty star studded lineup including Yusek, Akon, Bob Sinclair and the subject of today’s post Miike Snow.

You guys already know how I feel about Swedish artists and producers and Miike Snow is no exception. The remix is very much the Miike Snow sound you’ve come to love and expect. Whoever executive produced this album needs some credit for thinking of Miike Snow for Sabali because that sampled piano, heavy vocal processing sound is the perfect match for Sabali. I haven’t gotten around to checking out the other songs on the album yet but I’ll get on it this weekend. If the quality is at this level expect some more post in the coming days, enjoy.

Amadou And Mariam – Sabali (Miike Snow Remix)

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