Shit Robot – Take ‘Em Up (Feat. Nancy Whang)

Marcus Lambkin aka Shit Robot is a OG when it comes to electronic pop. He played a vital role in the musical development of DFA Records which has arguably been one of the most influential crews in the electronic dance movement of recent years. I mean the label is home to Hercules & Love Affair, The Juan Maclean, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Prinzhorn Dance School, Shocking Pinks, The Rapture, Black Dice, Delia & Gavin, Still Going, Holy Ghost!, Runaway, Free Blood, YACHT are that’s just a few. All that noise and it was only formed 2001, it’s very inspirational. James Murphy and gang have an understand for the nature of fads and hype that’s very uncommon in these fluffy times, their fresh and witty slogan says it all…

Too old to be new, too new to be classic”

Anyways, Take ‘Em Up is the lead single from an Lambkin’s upcoming album From The Cradle to the Rave. The album is the veteran DJ’s debut LP and it is the pinnacle of a very long and successful career in the NYC underground dance scene. Take ‘Em Up is simple, dark and sexy. LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Whang is on the vocals and delivers a flawless performance. There’s a certain maturity and sophistication to Lambkin’s production style that screams timelessness. There’s not much to this track and the focus is purely on groove and feel. You’d be hard pressed to find 21 year old making music like this, though there are a couple out there doing so. The track feels perfect for this cold Tuesday morning in holiday rehab so press play and repeat as necessary, enjoy.

Shit Robot – Take ‘Em Up (Feat. Nancy Whang)

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