Peter, Bjorn & John – Second Chance

What are surprise, more Swedish music on EMPT! Peter, Bjorn & John are back and they haven’t sounded this fresh since Writer’s Block

Yo career crook, nobody rep Brooklyn like me
Jigga-man, Volume 3, I’m back lookin like me.” – Jay-Z (So Ghetto)

Being able to provide your fans something new while staying true to the very essence that made them like you in the first place is truly the artists dilema. In my opinion The Beatles handled that problem the better than anyone. Constantly reinventing themselves and pushing the limits while never fully letting go of that magic that made so many people love them. Gimme Some is a deliberate attempt to keep it simple, make good music and make you feel good. Some people thought Living Things was too experimental and dark, well  you can put those thoughts to rest this time around. The band has abandoned the synths and samples and bought out the guitars to address your worries.

When you flew out of your mess you made a mistake flew all the way back…”

For some reason people never talk about PB&J’s song writing which is one of my favorite aspects of their music. Second Chance is about a person who keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over always expecting to find another chance. The lyrics and message are simple but the arrangement is so flawless and easily accesible that you can’t help but get lost in the song. It’s good to have these guys back, enjoy.

Peter, Bjorn & John – Second Chance

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