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Oh Land – Wolf & I

Listening to De La Soul’s “ItzSowEeZee”  on a sunny Cali Wednesday afternoon, this tune – Wolf &I – takes over my play-list… Sraight out of a Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie, Wolf & I is the perfect melody to showcase the Danish stunner – Oh Land’s – equally stunning vocal chords and musical capabilities.  Coupled perfectly with some light delay, her vocal performance screams classical training, and a touch of soul apace with an eclectic symphony of rich electropop sounds that seem to take place in the lower undertone of this record. Wolf & I provide a dreamy and hypnotic sound-scape that gives it that familiar feeling.  The song never bores me thanks also to the production of it ,which allows enough rhythm to keep me entertained the entire way through.

Aside from great vocals and good production, Wolf & I is a much needed breath of fresh air for me in terms of tuning into a great artist with real and natural talent.  It shows me personally, that not all forms of electropop or genres sitting within the electric range need fall under that high energy/dance lane category, but that it is flexible enough to contain such amazing fusions, as we see here with this classical/folklore feel that Oh Land destroys.

“The only place we had to meet was night
While the sun he sleeps in shadows we can hide
On the mountainside we spent our time together
But it is gone when morning comes”..

I can definitely hear Lauren Hill on the same play-list as well as, Erykah Badu, or Nancy Sinatra’s vocals on bang bang, her vocal performance on the actual lyric Wolf & I during the hook  (at 2:46) are the strongest throughout the record, making them the most impactful.  Her harmonies from that point til about 3:19 and vocals are reminiscent of what sound to me like something that sits in the same Nelly Furtado space, with a more vintage sound and a tad stronger vocals.  Not sure who that would be but I am positive I have heard sound like this before.  Oh Land has a few great moments that seem to sit in a few other note-ables spaces, to point out one in particular, we see at  2:57  – “and I am the moon” – I can’t  quite place it but she hit my ear with a bit of an Alicia Keys/SWV  sound, lol. Weird! I know.  She also reminded me somewhat of another current favorite of ours – Jessie J. from across the lake.  Her vocal performance on “Who You Are” is a lot more intense than what you get here with “Wolf & I” , but the songs are in two completely different play-lists based on emotion and vibe for me alone.  Point being, it’s a great song if you can appreciate it from a similar vantage point.

While the only light you’ll see is from my glow…”

This is the kind of record I’d love to see her perform live.  If you’re out east then check her out on March 3rd, 2011 at Tammany Hall or March 8th, 2011 at Terminal 5.  If you happen to be in London today (24th) she has a show at Scala that you can probably hit up!

We don’t just shine, we illuminate the whole show” –  Jay-Z (Dead Presidents, 1996)

Oh Land – Wolf & I



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